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Story Notes:
Don't own GW or its characters.

A collection of drabbles
Author's Chapter Notes:
This will be my collection of drabbles. I don't know if you guys like drabbles, but I'm giving it a shot. To be honest, the idea behind this wasn't enough to give me a full lenght story, so it'll just end up being a collection of about 300 word long drabbles :)
The best day of the year: the day you got your tattoo; a beautiful image of a butterfly slowly unfolding its wings while its now empty cocoon remained on a small branch. It was an image that would remind you that you should never lose hope; every day something could be reinvented and circumstances could change for the better.

The worst day of the year wasn’t that much later: the Mariemaia incident. It shocked the higher-ups out of the bubble they had wrapped themselves in and reminded them that evil things still lurked free in this false dream of peace. The Preventers weren’t enough to prevent these upraising from happening or to stop the black market trade of fire arms.

You had known it long before that moment, though, had foreseen something like this even, but you had never imagined the gravity of the impact it would have on your life. It was because of that incident, that you realized the Preventers just wasn’t the right organization for you. They would always be bound by rules and laws, something that you considered restrictive, for they were unable to foresee and take down threats as effectively as they could if not for those restrictions.

There was only one thing left to do; you would have to become what the Preventers couldn’t. You would forget about any possible life you could built for yourself, would have to sacrifice your own peace for that of the world, a world where HE wouldn’t have to fight anymore.

It was a sacrifice which was surprisingly easy to make.
Chapter End Notes:
This is basically the introduction to your history so bare with me for a little while longer to get to the good stuff ^_^
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