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Summary: For peace, you sacrificed everything you had, but can you be stopped before there is nothing left of you to save?

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Categories: Gundam Wing Characters: Chang Wufei, Sally Po
Genres: Angst, Drama, General, Hope, Reader-insert, Romance
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Published: 06/22/16 Updated: 11/03/18
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Don't own GW or its characters.

A collection of drabbles

1. Decisions by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 3] Liked (268 words)
This will be my collection of drabbles. I don't know if you guys like drabbles, but I'm giving it a shot. To be honest, the idea behind this wasn't enough to give me a full lenght story, so it'll just end up being a collection of about 300 word long drabbles :)

2. Exit by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 2] Liked (239 words)
Quick update :)

3. Gratefulness by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 2] Liked (247 words)
The beauty about drabbles, they are so easy to write sometimes =)

4. Change by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 2] Liked (266 words)
How long has it been since I last posted an update? A month? Two? Three? I don't know anymore :'(

I can tell you that my more longer stories are probably going to remain inactive for the forseeable future. As I'm sure most of you already know, I'm currently in Japan (and have been for one month already! ^_^V ) and life here is ... well, it's hectic! I barely have enough time to sleep (sadly enough I've needed to cut back to 8 or less - hint: my usual is 9 to 10 ... - for the last month which leaves me completly exhausted). I do want to keep writing, but as I don't have much time, I'll proabbly focus on this story for the time being. I hope you guys understand.

5. Lost by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 2] Liked (217 words)
I'm not dead yet!! Haha! Spring break has come and is nearly gone (one week left) and I'm focussing on my Bachelor thesis (which is about politics and organ transplantation and the likes ... very interesting! -_- )

Anyway! Spring break has given me fresh energy to start my next semester in Japan and with that start it's appropriate to have a short update. I hope you guys like it!

6. Weak by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (186 words)
A quick update in te meantime. Also gonna use this as an oppertunity to announce I'm working on the next chapter to "Unexpected Complications" ^_^V

7. Belonging by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (294 words)
A quick drabble update before my promised 'Because of a bullet'. I hope you'll like it :)

8. Failure by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (294 words)
Quick update on the side.

9. No more by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (137 words)
Seeing as it's Christmas, I though an update was in order. I wanted to offer an update to one of my bigger stories, but time hasn't been on my side these last few months. Maybe once the new year starts, I can manage one of those :) Until then: I hope you like this one ^_~

10. Old by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 2] Liked (191 words)
Quick update ^_^

11. Reason by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (345 words)
Quick update. I'm feeling some new motivation comming on to write again. I've even have a great new idea for a story for both Heero AND one for Wufei. I just hope I can see it through to the end before my muse dissapears ^_^

12. Excuses by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (240 words)
A quick update on the side ^_^

13. Loss by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (329 words)
A quick update on the side =D

14. Hope by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (182 words)
Now that I'm udpating, I might as well post a new chapter to this one as well =D

15. Deceit by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (259 words)
Quick update on the side again =D

16. Doubt by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 1] (275 words)

17. Regret by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (208 words)
A quick update. Hopefully I can add another one on Wednesday and after that I'm on holiday to Sweden! So happy to finally embark towards such a lovely country ^_^V

18. Wufei: mission by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (233 words)
As promised, an update. The next two weeks will be in light of my trip down north. Hope this will all ty you over. Enjoy!

P.S.: it's on Wufei's POV

19. Watched by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (261 words)
Back from holiday and ready to write some new stuff!! ^_^/

20. Purpose by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (238 words)

21. Unraveling by phoenixrebirth88 [Reviews - 0] (175 words)
Thanks to Bobo-is-tha-bomb her trip to Japan (and thus seeing a lot of GW related pictures), I got the drive to write again.