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Author's Chapter Notes:
Basically this came out of the fact people wanted me to write a follow up to my popular (???) story Captain's Pet for RE6. Like one; it took me TWO YEARS to finish. And two; I can't possibly pull a follow-up plot out of my asshole and write y'all a sequel to it. :P
Ah Resident Evil, a fandom I’ve been in as long as I’ve been in the Silent Hill fandom, and the Walking Dead fandom – since 2011. My longest fandoms happen to be the WWE, Supernatural, and the Ginga (Densetsu Weed/Nagareboshi Gin Manga/Anime) fandoms. Anyway, days of seniority doesn’t matter right now, or ever. I’m part of a lot of fandoms, m’kay?

Unlike the other fandoms, I share a love/hate relationship with the Resident Evil fandom, the Supernatural fandom, and the WWE fandom. But I’m talking about the Resident Evil fandom instead.

I’m self-taught and friend-taught when it comes the Resident Evil games, CGI movies, and live-action movies. So I do know a number of things, and I do have friend in real life, and on here (Quotev) who knows even more than me.

I always tend to complain about slash in the RE fandom, but I usually ignore it. Unless you’re purposely shoving ‘Nivanfield’ and ‘Weskerfield’ in my face nonstop. There’s also a Jake Muller/Piers Nivans (from RE6) pairing that I’d rather not talk about, ever…

But I think the ‘fanfiction’ side of the fandom is worse. With readers, there are two types of Resident Evil fanfiction readers: ones who ask if the world will be saved in the same chapter, and the others that want a story that staggers over 100 or more chapters with no end. Then those that want you to write a sequel after, after you just want to be done with the story. No sequel, no third book, done forever. I mean, when the author says they’re not doing any more to add to that story, they’re done with it! You can’t expect to get more, sometimes there’s no time or creative juices flowing to write another book to sequel that story.

With writers, we get the same old bullshit – either ‘damsel in distress’, ‘wannabe badass that has no combat training’ or ‘wannabe badass with combat training’, characters related to canon characters, and character’s working under Albert Wesker or some other ‘bigger antagonist’ character. Others tend fall hopelessly in love on the battlefield – and that shit’ll get you killed for sure. But also, shout out to those who can pull off the characters related to canon characters and characters that work under Wesker thing, and do it in style. I usually have trouble writing for dear Wesker. Lmao

I’ve read some good RE stories over the years, and if you believe you can keep up a great RE story, keep going, I’d be eager to read it.

There’s a lot of shit that goes on in every fandom, but I’m more concerned about the fanfiction part of it. I dunno, I just like good fanficton.
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