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Story Notes:
What I mean by ‘Spitefic’ is where I’m roasting an original character someone else created for a specific fandom (often paired up with a canon character), that bears Mary Sue traits and the like. I sometimes will drop in one of my OCs, or use a Self Insert who’s usually of-age. I know it sounds rude as shit, but Spitefics are so fun to write. XD

I do not own Ashlynn, she belongs to her respective creator on Quotev. I only own myself. :P

Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm a sporker at heart still, I tear apart crappy fanfics and really bad original characters, and Ashlynn was one of them They say don't send the sporks to the authors in general, but we're all adults here, at least some of us. The creator of Ashlynn will probably never see this, if she does, well then she better agree her OC is a Sue. (:
After crash-landing the plane in China, Leon was lucky to be alive, although he had a faint feeling he’d be getting hate the rest of the time from Hannah. Helena would live, and so would the other woman, which he was slightly glad about.

“I swear to god, you can’t fly worth shit!” Hannah grunts while leaving the wreckage, and soon taking a knee to catch her breath.

“But we got here,” Leon retorts coolly. “You still got your gun?”

Hannah nods before they leave the wreckage, only to run into two people. One was a woman, and the other was a man in his twenties. “Uh oh, looks like we got company..” she whispers to Kennedy.

“Just be good, for once. I’ll handle this.”

Both people stop, but the woman is quick to ask them who they are. She didn’t trust the three, and there was no time to stand around and chat.

“The name’s Leon, are you both okay?” he asks.

“Leon? Yeah, sure, we’ll go with that.” She glances Hannah’s way, seeing that her brownish blonde hair was cut short, with the top being held up by a bit of hair gel. “And you are?” she asks the woman.

“The name’s Hannah, and that’s Helena,” she responds, nudging a thumb toward the woman next to her.

“Huh.” Ashlynn nods, “Well, Leon. I didn’t know you were into dykes..”

“What did you just say?” Hannah growls before stepping forward, though Leon was there to hold her back with a strong arm across her chest. He shakes his head, and the woman calls off her attack.

“Aww, so she’s your girlfriend? How sweet. Isn’t she a little young though?” Ashlynn jokes.

“Aren’t you a little bratty for a mercenary?” Hannah asks with a smirk.

“I bet your parents love you, you’re not worth my time, so I won’t kick your ass.”

Hannah laughs loudly, “My parents are dead, but that hasn’t made me as much as a bitch as you.”

“Hannah..” Leon speaks.

“Sorry Leon, she’s a brat though,” she laughs. He lets go of Hannah, and she returns to his side.

“Aren’t you Jake Muller?” she asks.

The younger man raises a brow at her, “You know me?”

Hannah smiles, “I know your girlfriend, and she’s a sweet girl. What’re you doin’ truckin’ around with that loser?” Ashlynn takes offense to that, flipping her off.

“Oh, so you’re the Hanns she talked about. She’s not good though, had to get mixed up in some risky business, she’s sick.” he admits.

“Shit, really??” Hannah sighs.

“I’m guessing the last time you guys talked was three weeks ago.” Jake guesses. “Can’t afford the medicine either—“

“We’ll pay for it, right Leon?” Hannah turns toward the older man. He nods, though appears uncertain.

“Thanks, but I got this.” Jake gives Hannah a small nod.

“Jake has a girlfriend?!” Ashlynn asks, appearing visibly angry.

“Yup, I keep trying to tell you that, but you keep forcing yourself on me,” Jake mutters.

“But—“ Before she could speak, their friend from Edonia was back, Mr. “Claw for an Arm”. The four of them raise their weapons, though Ashlynn is still reeling from Muller’s comment.

“Damn, that a friend of yours?” Hannah asks through slight fear.

“More like an Ashlynn, guy doesn’t know when to quit.”

Leon rolls his eyes over Hannah’s sardonic laughter, and Jake started to take an honest liking to his girlfriend’s good friend. “Look, when I get back, I’ll tell her you said hello. Guess you got your hands full with enough adventure already around this guy.” He glances Leon’s way, grinning at the man.

“Are you done?” Kennedy asks him.

“Look old man, you better take care of her. Any friend of my girl’s is a friend of mine. Got it?” Jake teases.

He nods, “Yeah, I got it.”

Jake simply laughs, getting ready to deal with the annoying monster from six months ago. If anything, he hoped this was the last time, knowing full and well that his girlfriend missed him.
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