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{Spitefic} Jake and Ashlynn meet Leon Kennedy, Helena Harper, and Hannah for the first time, and things get a little uncomfortable at first.

Hinted!Reader/Jake Muller; Self Insert/Leon S. Kennedy

Rated: T
Categories: Resident Evil 6 Characters: Helena Harper, Jake Muller, Leon S. Kennedy
Genres: Comedy, Self-insert
Story Type: Drabble, Self-Insert
Warnings: Crude Humor, Language
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 707 Read: 463
Published: 09/05/16 Updated: 09/05/16
Story Notes:
What I mean by ‘Spitefic’ is where I’m roasting an original character someone else created for a specific fandom (often paired up with a canon character), that bears Mary Sue traits and the like. I sometimes will drop in one of my OCs, or use a Self Insert who’s usually of-age. I know it sounds rude as shit, but Spitefics are so fun to write. XD

I do not own Ashlynn, she belongs to her respective creator on Quotev. I only own myself. :P

1. Friends of Friends by Chalky [Reviews - 1] (707 words)
I'm a sporker at heart still, I tear apart crappy fanfics and really bad original characters, and Ashlynn was one of them They say don't send the sporks to the authors in general, but we're all adults here, at least some of us. The creator of Ashlynn will probably never see this, if she does, well then she better agree her OC is a Sue. (: