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Story Notes:
This is the sequel to "The Exile".

Celestial Corialas

Chapter One: Fifteen Years Later:

It’s been fifteen years since the whole world had been covered in sand. Most of the world was slowly healing. Everyone is pretty hopeful about their future. Some are curious as to what happens next. The youth want to take on this brave new world. The old just want a second of peace. Either way, there is still so to do for either one to get their wish.

Today will be no different. The people get up, get ready for the day, find food to eat, work, and go home. With or without sand, not much has changed with the people. Still, the youth are starting to get bored again. They almost wished for the days of sand again. However, they still have their own problems to deal with.

On the outside, the youth looked normal and had it all together. Some of them are on the inside while others aren’t doing so well. While most have given up on looking for their loved ones, some pursue the hunt anyway. One girl sees the effects of the Exile on the people that she meets while on a journey of looking after her wayward friends.


“I’m leaving now!” Kathy called from the front door of her apartment. It felt weird to say that to an empty apartment. It seemed to give her a strange since of comfort in a way. Maybe too comfortable. Fifteen years and it still felt alien to be living in a house with air conditioner. Kathy shoved all of that out of her mind as she shoved a letter into her coat pocket. Today, she started her new job as carer of the people in her neighborhood. As soon as she turned twenty-six, Kathy was designated to care for everyone until she could wed or pass on her duties to another carer. For now, she took this as a chance to see her friends again.

Kathy looked at her phone. Seven in the morning already. She stretched her neck and sides. Time to make her rounds. Kathy turned on Bob Dylan on her phone and began her walk down the street. She took out her notepad and opened it to the first page. The carer could recognize the first address on the list. She took a deep breath and picked up the pace in her walking. I can do this, she thought.

Kathy knocked on the deep green door of 105 Huntington Lane.

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