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Summary: Ever wonder how I make my random generators? Ever wonder how those tumblr people make those gif generators? Look no further, I have (most) of the answers.
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Published: 10/25/16 Updated: 10/25/16
Story Notes:
I've been making random generators for about a year now using Orteil Dashnet, and now using GIMP. I don't think I'll be uploading them here though, as I'm not sure if they're allowed, but I do have links at the bottom. On DeviantArt, there's also a method using dice, but that takes way too long to either create because you're limited to the sides of your dice—you could make a sort of tree graph such as "If you rolled a 1, go to question 37 . . ." but I much prefer Orteil Dashnet or making Gif-Set generators.

1. How to Make Your Own Random Generator by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (4316 words)