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Summary: The devil can take many shapes but his smile could outdo them all.

You x Negan

A surprise for my dear Cloudysky~

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Published: 12/11/16 Updated: 12/11/16
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I don't own The Walking Dead or any of its characters.

1. Chapter 1 by Renohotness [Reviews - 2] (436 words)
Cloudysky keeps trying (bless her heart) to get me back into this show. My mom helped urge me to watch the last episode. I'm a bit more motivated now. Doesn't mean my writing drive is back but my brain is talking to me some at least. This won't be long but it might take me a bit to update it even still. Taking my poor brain one day at a time at this point. Hopefully I can pull it off for you, my dear. I promise it'll be worth the wait if I can. *wink*

Inspired by the song My Man. Slow version by Billie Holiday. A faster one by Regina Spektor (the one I have on repeat). As well as her version of Love Me or Leave Me. Listen to them both when you can.