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Story Notes:
I have this posted on AO3 mainly, and also Quotev and Wattpad because I didn't know better. And I also jumped headfirst into the Uncharted fandom.
“Jesus (y/n), don’t fall!”

You could hear Sam after you botched a leap across from a ledge: nearly losing your grip and plummeting to your death. You pull yourself up onto the ledge as Nathan hurries to help you up.

“I’m fine.” He steps back at the irritated tone of your voice. Dusting yourself off, you hope the cave wasn’t much farther.

“Are we almost there?” you ask.

“Not yet, just a little further.”

Your pants, shoes, and socks where soaked from the cold and snow of Scotland. And the storm was beginning to get worse. You swore you would freeze before getting to that cave. “…such bullshit.” As much as you wanted the treasure, you were in no mood to actually help find it. Even Sam had noticed your attitude dropping every hour.

The Drakes were good company, but today wasn’t your best day.

After dealing with a group of Shoreline mercs, your good mood finally takes a nose dive. You stayed behind the brothers as they walk ahead of you. Seeing a nearby bush, you stop, giving it a harsh glare before attacking it. Kicking the shit out of it, tearing off its branches, and muttering every curse word you knew fairly loudly.

Grabbing the thickest part of the bush you attempt to rip it right out of the ground. But its roots are too deep, and your grip slips along with you as you’re sent falling into the snow. “Fucking bush – fuck you!” you growl while clambering to your feet again.

“Did that bush say somethin’ to you?” Sam asks, following with a small chuckle.

“Jeez, I’m sorry..” he adds after you stare him down with an irritated look.

“You know what? It’s freezing, I’ve almost been killed multiple times – I don’t even know why I bothered to say yes to this stupid treasure hunt when just a week before you called me, my dog died!” You may have shouted the last part.

Both of them are staring at you, expecting you to just shrug it off like a man… woman.

“But y’know what tops that off?? The fact that my best friend – EX-best friend – is now running around with that snobby, rich, psychotic asshole… and that chick from the auction with the army!” You kick the nearest rock with your numb foot. “I was wrong to trust her and think she was my friend, I feel like such an asshole..”

“It’s not your fault, (y/n).” Nate says.

“Glad to know your friend is that shallow.” Sam jokes.

“I didn’t think she was, I mean, when I saw her with him… my mind literally went blank. She was the one who told me to stay away from guys like that. I just don’t get it.”

“It’s usually the money.” Sam states matter-of-factly.

“Damn it – when I find her I’m gonna strangle her.” you growl, looking away from them and at the ground.

Hearing footsteps approach you, you’re suddenly pulled forward into someone’s grasp. Getting a whiff of cigarette smoke, you knew it was Sam. “Sam, we don’t have time for this.” Nate comments.

“Just give us a minute; she’s already been through a lot. Dead dog, traitor for a best friend, and, uh, I guess a hug might help.” Sam responds. He sounds a little unsure, amusing Nate.

“I’m gonna be the first non-smoker to die of lung cancer, it’s like hugging an ashtray,” you remark.

“Hey, that hurts my feelings.”

Your feelings? Yeah… sure.”
Chapter End Notes:
I hope I did okay, omg. Yes I might have put myself into this drabble (by reader’s mention). Don’t worry, I won’t do it after this. XD
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