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Summary: I found a fluff challenge on an old website I use now and then, so I’ve decided to respond to it and post it here. Most of the drabbles will be Sam Drake and Rafe Adler since Nate’s married, enjoy!

Reader/Sam Drake
Reader/Rafe Adler
Rated: T
Categories: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Characters: Nadine Ross, Nathan Drake, Rafe Adler, Samuel Drake, Sully
Genres: General, H/C, Reader-insert, Romance
Story Type: Drabble, Reader-Insert
Warnings: Language, Mild Violence
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Published: 01/15/17 Updated: 01/19/17
Story Notes:
I have this posted on AO3 mainly, and also Quotev and Wattpad because I didn't know better. And I also jumped headfirst into the Uncharted fandom.

1. Hugs (Sam Drake) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (599 words)

2. Comfort (Rafe Adler) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (518 words)

3. Together (Sam Drake) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (180 words)

4. Long Walks (Rafe Adler) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (266 words)
I guess this would take place sometime after Sam’s “death”, when they mentioned Nate and Rafe were still looking for the treasure.

5. Cuddling (Sam Drake) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (289 words)

6. Kisses (Rafe Adler) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (342 words)

7. Make the Time (Sam Drake) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (289 words)
Post-Uncharted 4. I’m doing the best I can to update this, although I’m almost done with Drake’s Fortune Remastered. :3

8. Hold your Hand (Rafe Adler) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (175 words)
I had to pry myself away from Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee to write this. Also I got hit with a lot of young Samuel Drake feels during my last match up in the Godzilla game, so I’ll be writing for him on the 9th prompt, and Rafe will be prompt #10.

9. No More Tears (Sam Drake) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (698 words)
Young Sam Drake because someone’s gifset on Tumblr gave me a bunch of feels.

10. One True Love (Rafe Adler) by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (369 words)
Prompt number ten, I guess I’m forcing y’all to marry Rafe because that’s the most cliché ending I could come out with. Also it’s a slight AU, post-UC4 is what I was aiming for (Rafe lives lololol – he’s also mentioned and not in the prompt in person, I’m such a cruel skank).

Gonna go out with a bang, literally, just gonna drop this grenade at my feet and end it. Enjoy~