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Day of Rain

I: Princess of Hell

There was once a princess of the light.

Her people loved her dearly.

She cared deeply for them in return.

Each day brought peace and prosperity.

Her kingdom was so beautiful with its

Lush landscapes and charming cities.

The princess was happy to reign over her kingdom.

But then, tragedies took over the royal family.

The princess’ beloved older brother died from a mysterious accident.

It didn’t make sense.

He was a skilled officer in the peace corps.

The cadets in his unit were trained in safety.

“This couldn’t have been an accident.”

The talk was around the base.

The princess fell into despair.

Her beloved brother was the only family she had left.

Their parents died when they were young.

Her brother helped her run the kingdom.

He was her chief supporter all the way to the top.

The funeral was held on a Sunday.

The princess wore all black.

She couldn’t even bring herself to speak in front of her people.

After the body was floated away to sea,

The princess locked herself in her room.

For days, she wouldn’t come out.

Because if this, the kingdom began to suffer.

No wealth was going into the land

The princess wasn’t really running the government.

Her officials decided to let her grieve.

However they didn’t know how long this would last.

The princess wouldn’t eat or sleep.

Unwittingly, she created hell.

She stopped caring about her duties and kingdom.

There were no lights in the castle anymore.

Her staff wound up being treated poorly.

Rumors began to spread around the kingdom.

What was happening in that castle?

Whenever peopled walked up to the gate,

They could smell death from outside.

They feared what was coming for them.

Unfortunately, they would learn how bad it was

Going to be.

As soon as it rained,

Things began to turn into poison.

When the princess finally showed her face,

The days of Hell were set into motion.

The Princess of the Light was no more.

Her heart had turned black.

The dullness in her eyes told the people

Everything that they needed to know.

Within days, the true effects started to swing in.

Ever since the princess showed her face again,

The rain hadn’t stopped pouring.

The rain of blood hadn’t stopped pouring.

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