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Author's Chapter Notes:
I have no idea where all this dark writing comes from... Hue hue... This is just something to keep my writing flowing. Although it might seem much darker than my other works, it's pretty much a story like Bliss Forest or The Bodyguard. Short parts, but loads and loads of feelings and angst and emotions and... you get it. Lol.


Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, it's characters, or you.
Come find me
Part 1

Dread knotted in your stomach as you approached the restaurant. You heart was beating like a jungle drum, too fast, causing you to feel a little lightheaded as you stepped into the foyer. It had been two weeks since you had last seen him. Two weeks since the vicious argument that made you question why you had stayed all this time. Two weeks since you had stormed out of the house, heartbroken.

The familiar roar of a motorcycle had you jolting and you quickly approached the Maitre d´, glad to know you were the first one to arrive. The Maitre d´ guided you to one of the tables lining the windows and offered you a glass of wine. For a moment you considered taking the offer, thinking the alcohol would make it easier for you to get through the evening, but it was better to keep a clear head.

“Just a glass of water please,” you told him.

It wasn’t long before he arrived. Your breath hitched when he entered the dining room, looking so good that the thought of divorce broke your heart all over again. He was wearing dark grey biker jeans and a plain, long sleeved black shirt that did nothing to hide his toned physique. His hair was pulled up in some casual half updo, leaving the rest free to tumble over his shoulders.

You stood up as he approached you and noticed how his sharp gaze softened.

“-Y/N-,” he said, while leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“Hi,” you greeted him.

He gestured for you to sit down again, which you did. He sat down opposite you and gave you a small smile. “You look beautiful.”

You opened your mouth, but couldn’t seem to say anything. You were taken aback by the unexpected compliment. You swallowed thickly before finding your voice. “Thank you.”

You had taken care with dressing for the evening, making sure you looked your best. The hours of pampering had done you good after two weeks of miserable wallowing around your mother’s empty apartment with self pity.

“Did I make you wait long?”

“No,” you said, while taking hold of one of the menus the waiter came to bring you. “I just arrived before you did.”

You opened the menu and scanned its contents for a little while. The silence stretching between the two of you was a little uncomfortable. You stole a glance at him and found him concentrating on his own menu. As if he felt you watching him, he looked up.

“What is it?” he asked.

You shook your head. “Nothing.”

You felt a little awkward, sitting across from your husband like some stranger. You wondered if you would even be able to eat anything feeling like this. You scolded yourself for not thinking and deciding on a restaurant for your meeting place instead of a coffee shop. That would have been a lot easier.

The waiter came to take your orders and after giving him back the menu, you focused on your husband again.

“We seem like strangers,” you said softly.

His expression turned gloomy and he tore his gaze away from you to look out the window for a moment, gathering his composure. You gave him time to reply. You hadn’t always done than, you realized all too well. It was as much your fault as his that your marriage was on the rocks now.

“I’m sorry,” he said finally.

You bit your lip and gazed down at your hands, fidgeting in your lap under the table.

“I want to discuss the terms of our divorce,” you said, hating how nervous your voice sounded. “It would be best if it could be done quickly.”

“A clean, quick cut,” he mused, his gaze meeting yours again.

“Yes,” you said.

“This is not a business deal.” His voice carried a challenge, but you shook your head, not taking the bait.

“Wufei, I don’t want to argue,” you told him. “I’m tired of it.”

“There was a time when you loved to argue with me,” he said, his tone turning cool.

Sweet memories flashed by at his statement. You took a shuddering breath. “I know... But I just don’t see any other way.”

He sighed. “Very well.”

He made an effort to be civil as you discussed the terms of the divorce. He was right. You were treating this as a business deal, but it was your only way to cope. You agreed that the house had to be sold and the household effects to be divided. In the end, you thought you had done a good job. The discussion had been civil. Meeting out in public had kept you from falling into habit. He walked you back to your car in silence. It was all very cool, very... unlike the two of you had been.

There had always been heat, passion. All of that was gone now.

“I’ll have my lawyer draft up the papers,” you said, breaking the silence. “I’ll send them to you.”

“So this is it then?” he asked.

You reached your car and turned towards him. “I guess so.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I blamed you, but I was at fault too.”

“I’m sorry too,” you said. “We can leave it all behind us and move on now.”

You moved to open the door of your car, but he stopped you by grabbing your arm.


You froze at his strangled tone and looked at him. It was the first show of real emotion coming from him this evening. The pain reflecting in his obsidian eyes nearly made you crumble. He pulled you towards him and his free hand slipped around your neck as he leaned in.

“We shouldn’t...” you breathed.

“You’re right.”

Your squeezed your eyes shut, a shuddering breath escaping you. “I have to go.”

You fought your tears with all your might as you stepped away from him. You only allowed them to fall when you had left the parking lot and drove back to your mother’s apartment.

You had never expected him to follow you.

- End part 1 -

I hope to have the second part ready during the weekend! Let me know what you think! :)
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