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Souls are born. Lives pass. You will be touched by the black talons of death, but life goes on.

[Akira x Reader]

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Published: 07/04/17 Updated: 08/09/17

1. Rank 1: Tokyo Daylight by RejectPrince [Reviews - 2] Liked (961 words)

I'm so excited to finally post this. It only took about two weeks to write nearly this whole story I just love Akira so much end me. These are a little shorter than my usual writings, but please enjoy!

For fun, the title is a line from Rivers in the Desert and all the chapter titles are from the OST. I tried to match the music to the chapter so feel free to listen to the tracks alongside.

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3. Rank 3: Break it Down by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (1467 words)

The plot begins. The youkai chosen are simply at my own discretion and interest. Yusuke in particular was based off of the Hawaii trip and a certain comment from Ryuji.

4. Rank 4: Phantom by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (1035 words)

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6. Rank 6: Layer Cake by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (1040 words)

7. Rank 7: Swear to My Bones by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (1206 words)

8. Rank 8: Wicked Plan by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (728 words)

9. Rank 9: Blooming Villain by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (1526 words)

Second to last chapter! This is one of my favourites and I was really excited to write this so I hope people enjoy.

10. Rank 10: Life Goes On by RejectPrince [Reviews - 0] (699 words)

Thank you to everyone who read and I hope you enjoyed!