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Author's Chapter Notes:

Tales of Symphonia characters, locations, story, etc are property of Namco and Takumi Miyajima

Meilina Winters, Alexia Kingston, Ewan Hawke and Willow Livingsdale are my OCs


   Meilina Winters stretched and sat up, rubbing her emerald eyes as she looked around. It took her a moment to register she was at the Meltokio inn. She got out of bed, changing out of her pajamas and into her everyday wear, pulling on her cropped tan jacket and dark brown shorts, brushing her shoulder length black hair and tugging on the knee high lace up black boots and tying them before heading out to the front desk and paying for the room. She had intended to leave that morning, but it seemed fate had other plans for her.


   She headed out of the inn and towards the front gate, pausing a few steps away before glancing to one of the daggers secured at her hip. They’d gotten rusty with wear and tear since she’d helped Lloyd Irving and the others reunite the worlds.


   “I guess I’ll go check out the weapons shop before heading on my way,” she muttered to herself, turning on her heels and heading back up the wide staircase in the center of town towards said shop. As she went, she allowed herself to get lost in the memories of battles alongside her friends, wondering how they were since they’d gone their separate ways. Perhaps she’d stop and visit Zelos Wilder while she was in town.


   A few steps from the top of the stairs and she collided with another body, stumbling back and nearly falling. A small thud was heard as the person she’d run into fell back, cursing under her breath. Meilina shook her head and looked towards the dark haired girl, offering her a hand.


   “I’m so sorry,” she exclaimed, but the other girl slapped it away and stood up, dusting off the extravagant black, white and red gown she was wearing. She was a little shorter than Meilina, her skin more sun kissed. Meilina imagined she was what most men would consider classically beautiful.


  “You should be more careful,” she snapped, glaring at her with her dark blue eyes. Tossing her long locks over her shoulder, she turned away, storming off. Meilina made a face after her before she turned to continue on her way, mumbling a few choice words under her breath. 



* * *


   The item shop had little to offer in the way of daggers, but the customization options were quite extensive. She made a selection and decided to browse around town while they were being worked on. At first she headed towards the armor shop, but made a turn at the last moment and headed for the ritzy area instead, hoping she remembered where Zelos lived, and hoping he was home. She came to what she hoped was his house and knocked a couple times. A few moments passed before the door opened, an older gentleman in a suit and white gloves answering the door.


   “Ah, Lady Meilina!” he greeted, inviting her in. She walked inside, looking around; the place seemed bigger than the last time she was there. “Master Wilder is in the den with a visitor. I shall let him know you’re here.”


   Without another word, he was off, leaving Meilina alone in the main hall. She glanced around at the pictures decorating the walls, as well as the flowers, smiling a little. Though she wouldn’t exactly call it familiar, it felt welcoming. Before she could make it any further, however, she was greeted by a familiar voice.


   “Hunny! It’s good to see you!” a young man with long, wavy red hair greeted, light blue eyes sparkling as he walked towards her with open arms. He stood several centimeters taller than her, so when he pulled her into a hug, her chin was level with his shoulder. She gave a little yelp when he squeezed her, blushing lightly as she was squished against his well toned chest.


   “Hi, Zelos,” she squeaked as he released her. He gave her a brilliant grin.


   “What brings you by?” he asked, and she gave a little shrug in response.


   “I was in town and thought I would stop by. I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic while traveling and wondered how everyone is.”


   He was about to respond when someone else walked into the hallway, long dark locks pinned back by a bright red bow.


   “Zelos, what’s taking you so long?” she asked, then scowled when she spotted Meilina. “Oh. It’s you.”


   “Ah. Alexia, this is my friend Meilina. Mei, this is Alexia, my fiancé,” Zelos introduced. Meilina paused, looking towards the woman she’d bumped into earlier, her head spinning a little. Had he just said fiancé?


Chapter End Notes:

A new fanfic I'm working on (at the nudging of a friend.) Apologies if any characters are OOC. Ratings and warnings may change later.

Reviews would be greatly appreciated; I'm a little rusty on my fanfictions.

There will be spoilers in later chapters!

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