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Story Notes:
I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters

You sat on the front steps of your high school, tapping your feet as you flipped through the photos on your digital camera. Normally, you liked to take photos of nature and inanimate objects, but you found yourself snapping candid photos of your friends all morning.

Your father had been a hunter for as long as you could remember and you never stayed anywhere for more than a few months. Currently, you were in Virginia and you had been here for almost the entire school year. You liked to think you weren’t that sentimental and that growing up the way you did would keep you from getting attached to people, but that always failed miserably after a few weeks. All of the kids here were really nice, and you had even gotten yourself a bad-boy boyfriend after a little while.

A few months ago, you began to think that you hadn’t moved in so long because your father had finally taken pity on you, but you had been wrong. Last night your father told you that you would be moving on the road again soon, and you wanted to remember these people.

The bell rang but you stayed in your spot, switching your digital camera for your old Polaroid and snapping a photo of the Black ’67 Chevy Impala as it pulled up to the front steps. You held the picture in your hand for a moment, watching the image fade in a little before you put it inside the notebook in your bag to finish developing. Out stepped Dean Winchester and his little brother, Sammy.

“Hey, Sammy!” You waved as he ran passed you with a backpack so full you thought it would tip him over.

“Hey, Y/N! Can’t talk, I’m late for class!” he called behind him, opening the front doors.

Just then, Dean wrapped his arms around you and pecked you on the cheek. You turned around in his arms, wrapping yours around his neck and pulling him into a slow kiss. You took your time to remember how his lips felt against yours, how he would always have one hand around your waist and the other at the back of your neck, how after so long he would always smile into the kiss. It hurt to think that what you had with him would be over soon. You parted lips and rested your head on his shoulder”a sneaky way to wipe away your tears without him seeing. After a moment and another deep breath, you pulled away and headed for the Impala, hopping into the passenger seat. “Ready to go?”

Dean stood shocked for a second, trying to hide red that had suddenly rushed to his cheeks. He straightened up and cleared his throat almost comically. You had never kissed him like that before. “What was that for?” He asked through the window, resting his arms on top of the car.

“Nothing,” you smiled up at him. “Let’s go.”

He quirked an eyebrow and walked around to the driver’s side. The engine roared to life and he sped off of the school grounds down the road.


Dean had parked on the road and the two of you held hands as you walked down a long path to a little bench that had been in the middle of the woods. This was your spot whenever you would skip class together. As you walked down the path, you couldn’t help but notice all of the leaves being blown off the trees, and falling into huge piles of orange and red and yellow on the ground. You took the moment to grab your camera from your bag to snap a quick photo of the bench, framing it in a beautiful fall scene fit for a cheesy Hallmark card.

“Let me see that.” Dean was reaching for your camera. You handed it to him automatically. He’d never shown any interest in taking pictures, but you trusted him with your ‘baby.’ “Don’t move,” suddenly he sounded urgent.

“Did you see something?” you wondered if he spotted an animal or something else.

“You don’t see that? It’s right there. Wow, it’s beautiful.”

You frowned because ‘wow’ and ‘beautiful’ weren’t exactly in Dean’s regular vocabulary and despite looking around, you didn’t see anything of note in front of you. Just as you turned back around to ask him what he saw, he snapped a photo of you, laughing that he had caught you off guard. He took the photo out and waved it to develop.

“You know you aren’t supposed to wave those, right? It’ll get blotchy,” you explained.

“Really?” Dean looked at the photo as the image of you started to appear.

You giggled, “Yep. Can I see it?” you said, stretching your arms toward Dean as he brought the photo over to you. Your hair had been a little messy from the wind, and you were looking off camera at Dean instead of into the lens. “Ugh, I look like a dork.” You handed the picture back to him and he put it in his jacket pocket, smiling.

“I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, Y/N, but you are a dork.”

You glared at him.

“A cute dork,” he added, kissing your forehead.

You waved him off, looking at the bench again. “Hey, sit down. I wanna remember this,” you said suddenly. Dean sat while you found a rock to balance your camera on, pointing it at the bench and turning the knob for the timer. You rushed over to him, sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you said, “Smile!” Dean tickled you and you tossed your head back, laughing out loud just as the camera flashed and dispensed the photo.


You lie on the ground with Dean for a little while after that, looking up at the sky and talking about nothing in particular. You fell silent after some time, resting your head on his chest, feeling his warmth against the cool air and listening to his heartbeat. Dean noticed and opted to savor the quiet moment a little longer before he nudged you. “You awake down there?”

“Hm? Yeah. I was just thinking.”

Dean played with your hair absently as he closed his eyes. “What’s on your mind?”

“Do you ever…wish your dad wasn’t a hunter, that he didn’t make you hunt? Like, do you ever get tired of it?”

Dean didn’t need any time to respond. “No. I like hunting.” You frowned, grateful that he couldn’t see it because of how you were laying.

You breathed a small, disappointed, “oh.” You wrapped your arms tighter around Dean, feeling the tears threaten to come forward again. You took a deep breath. “I wish my dad wasn’t a hunter. I get tired of moving around. I don’t like having to start over all the time and always being the new kid…having to make new friends. We’ve been in Virginia for nearly a year, and I really thought we would stay this time, and I just-“ your voice cracked as you spoke. “I just wanna stay here, with you.”

“You’re leaving.” It wasn’t a question. Dean had been on the other side of this conversation before, having had to explain his sudden departure to friends and girlfriends many times in the past. He’d never been the one staying though. He’d never been the one left behind. He sat up and faced you, placing his hand on your cheek and prompting you to look at him.

“My dad caught wind of a case in Kansas. He said we’d been here for so long it was about time we got moving anyway…” you trailed off.


You looked away, suddenly unable to face him. “Tomorrow,” you whispered.

“Y/N,” Dean didn’t get to finish whatever he was going to say because you practically tackled him, sobbing into his shoulder. He held you there, rubbing soothing circles down your back until you calmed down. You would never know it, but he’d shed a few tears himself that day.

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