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Author's Chapter Notes:
The thing with your crush
Is you are never going to have his name
Or able to make conversations with him
Maybe he didn't even remember
The time that you first spoke to him

Unrequited love is sure hard
The things that you remember about him
The way he rocks that simple gray hoodie
Or even the way his dimple shows
When he is concentrating or smiling
Or even his unruly bed hair that
He showed when he is late to class

Oh!The things you are fond about him.

Only being able to catch glimpses of him
While waiting for your next class
Or finding that he sat at the table
across you in the library
Not being able to start a coversation
Over small matters like
'The weather is great'
Make your heart strain and aches

Although that one day
The one that he smile at you
You still vividly remember it
The butterflies in your stomach
Might as well be procreating
As the sudden fullness and tightness
you feel in your stomach
Disperse into the rest of your body
That tingling feelings
Left you remembering during the night
Haunting you from having a good night rest
As you kept tossing from one side to another

Ah! The woes of having crush.
Chapter End Notes:
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