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With the rocket destroyed you heaved a sigh of relief, now it was time to escape or risk being caught and killed by the Russians. You followed your team, hearing explosions and ducking out of the way of debris that once was the rocket, falling out of the sky.

“Poor bastards” Mason states as you see scientists on fire, stumbling about.

“They’re fuckin’ Nazis, they don’t deserve any sympathy.” Woods spat.

They soon found a route out, through tunnels that you knew you’d have to fight through. At least there were a few more guns and ammo you could arm yourself with.

“[Name], you’re with Bowman and Brooks. Mason, Weaver, you’re on me.” Woods states while checking his weapon.

You couldn’t fight the urge nagging at the back of your mind.

That’s what she said.” you spoke with a straight face and stoic voice.

Mason chuckled, which slightly surprised you -- the man was always dark, ugly and brooding.

“Don’t start that shit, now is not the time.” Woods spoke.

Smirking to yourself, you split away from them, keeping pace with Bowman and Brooks.

“If we make it out alive... we could arrange something!” you call back to Woods. Mason shook his head, rolling his eyes.
Chapter End Notes:
This was so stupid, I’m so sorry. c:
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