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“Aobajosai High, huh…” You mused, staring at the two men towering over you. You pursed your lips and sighed, letting your head hang dejectedly. Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at you while Oikawa looked on expectantly.

“Is she okay?” Iwaizumi asked, turning his head towards his childhood friend but keeping his eyes on your trembling form. Oikawa only laughed in response, a victorious grin plastered on his face.

“I called it, Iwa-chan! [Name]-chan is going to Aoba Johsai, too! We’re inseparable!” He laughed again. You froze as Oikawa spoke, the corners of your lips tugging downward. Hearing it out loud felt like a spike in the face.

You had known Oikawa and Iwaizumi since you were a child. You skipped past the park one day, ice cream in hand, when a volleyball collided with the back of your head. Much to your horror, you had dropped the cool dessert in the process.

”Sorry!” Voices called out as the sound of little, running footsteps grew louder. You whipped your head towards the culprits, holding back tears.

“You guys are mean and stupid!” You screamed, eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

A boy with swept hair stepped back behind a boy with spiky hair.

“You deal with her Iwaizumi,” he whispered with wide eyes.

“You’re the one that hit her,” the boy named Iwaizumi replied with eyes narrowed at his friend.

“I can hear you!” You huffed, arms crossed. You watched on as Iwaizumi spun around to push his friend forward at you. The friend yelped in surprise, gulping as he walked towards you slowly.

“Sorry,” he started, looking back at his friend for support. Iwaizumi gave a nod in encouragement. “I’m Oikawa. That’s Iwaizumi. We were playing volleyball.”

Oikawa waited for you to reply, and when you didn’t, he scratched the back of his head nervously.

“Do you want to get ice cream again? We can go with you and we won’t start playing until you finish.”

Honestly, you were already hooked in at the mention of ice cream, but you were surprised by his thoughtfulness.

You grinned and introduced yourself, walking back to the store with the two boys.

On that day, your love for the two started as well as your hate for their sport.

Fate had decided that now wasn’t the time to grow distant; it was the time to grow closer.
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