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Summary: For one heart stopping moment, the room around you, the noise, faded away and it was just the two of you. You felt torn, wanting to run into his arms, but knowing it was the best if you kept your distance. For your own good. HeeroxReader, broken pairing
Rated: T
Categories: Gundam Wing Characters: Heero Yuy, Sally Po, Trowa Barton, Various, Zechs Merquis
Genres: Angst, Drama, Reader-insert
Story Type: Alternate Universe, Non-smut, One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Sequel
Warnings: Abuse, Descriptive Blanks, Language, Mild Violence, Name Blanks
Challenges: None
Series: Rich and Famous
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2855 Read: 228
Published: 02/09/18 Updated: 02/09/18

1. Catwalk Glam by Bobo-is-tha-bomb [Reviews - 1] (2855 words)
I was a little faster than I anticipated at first. LOL. Enjoy. Next one-shot will be up soon! ;)

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