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Summary: Wood elves may not live as long as their High Elf or Dark Elf counter-parts, but some may argue that it is the way they spend their lives that make them seem just as prolific.

Forty years in a cage did not sound like she had spent her life doing anything truly worthwhile, yet it is all she knew, and freedom to explore the outside world showed her that maybe - just possibly - she had already one experience of a lifetime. (Based in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online)
Rated: T
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Genres: Fantasy
Story Type: Collection, Drabble
Warnings: Character Death, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Violence
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Published: 01/07/20 Updated: 01/14/20
Story Notes:
These are excerpts of things from a feral Bosmer’s perspective. Sometimes she remembers things in chronological order, but she often falls victim to tangents.

1. On Her Own by AkiratheFox [Reviews - 0] (1575 words)
I’m finally uploading all these silly little excerpts/drabbles of one of my favorite characters that I play in Elder Scrolls Online. I usually take her around and role-play with her, and she is a bundle of joy and wonder to everyone who meets her (even if, canonically, the other person doesn’t act like it), and I have so much fun with her.

2. In Alinor by AkiratheFox [Reviews - 0] (1813 words)
Okay, so to clear up any confusion on the last parts of this - because as the author it makes sense to me, but sometimes I am not so great at translating on to paper what is in my brain:

Aethr is communicating with the vermin via animalistic noises as well as a hint of telepathy. Thus, there are no quotation marks during the exchange; it’s happening mostly in her brain and their brain.

I own nothing from the Elder Scrolls Online, except this small non-canon plot of my tiny Bosmer, which mostly happens in my head. I probably don’t even own the rats who appear in this story.