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Summary: Three years ago, the murder of your best friend has shattered of all the peace that was gained, and the longer that your town lives in the lies they don't realize they're surrounded by, the stronger the hatred between humans and beings grow.

Create your own path, and become a soldier to find justice for your friend by finding her murderer, or find yourself shipped away against your will to the mysterious Fintan’s Academy for beings with unnatural abilities. As you learn and hone your own ability, you develop strong bonds with people whom you could never imagine meeting even possible. All become important, all become irreplaceable, but one becomes something more:

An old friend whose worries and feelings become split between you and his flame back home.

Your vampire roommate who doesn't know how to keep herself out of danger in her search for a friend.

A cambion who’s stuck in his old habits in the bedroom, desperately trying to prove that he's serious about one thing.

A tough-as-nails lesbian siren whose dreams of being a musician isn't the only dream she has.

A dark elf whose past still haunts him, but learns that his art isn't the only thing that will help him see the brighter side of himself.

A nature faerie (sort of) who's still trying to figure out what she wants, and trying to find her own path on life and love.

Another human stuck with the wrong crowd, trying to free himself from a guilt that doesn't let go.

The live-wire werecat whose devotion to friends and family are only rivaled by blinis, learns that patience really is a virtue.

That is, you'll meet your potential match if you make it to Fintan's Academy. Dangers still lurk everywhere, and not everyone can be trusted.

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Published: 10/28/13 Updated: 03/06/14
Story Notes:

I first started writing this story several years ago, and in the beginning the main role had a name, Kimberly Eli Upshaw. I have since edited out the name, but you'll still be referred to by "Upshaw." Still, I may have missed a "Kimberly" here or there. Please let me know if I missed any.

While I do edit and fix any errors I catch, please consider this as a first draft. A few of the chapters are very heavy on (Christian) religion and persecuting it, and I do want to change the mood of those chapters to where it doesn't seem like you hate the religion, but the town is definitely part of the Bible belt community, so it's heavily fixated on that particular religion, which can be smothering. When I start the revision process, this will be changed.

Also, I may add on, subtract from, or otherwise change chapters periodically. CYOA stories are hard to write, and I may publish chapters, get to writing other chapters, and realize that I need to change earlier chapters. I know this is annoying, so I dearly apologize. Another annoying thing I do is publish out of order. Sorry.

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Thank you very much Rouge with your help with the summary!

I'll probably be adding on and editing a lot of these chapters as I write this story, so you might want to retrace your steps a couple times to see if I have edited something. You'll see and "EDIT" along with a date in the author notes.

Not all of the "love" interests will be about "love", there will be at least one choice that focuses more on friendship, and there is at least one "interest" that's lesbian . . . well, we'll just see how it goes when I type further into the story.

This is the first time that I've written second-person, let alone a CYOA/WWYFF, some helpful advice, constructive criticism, feedback and reviews would be delightful. Is the transition from chapter to chapter smooth? Did I accidentally mix up chapters? You can ask questions, tell me which path you have chosen (did you die?), if you like or dislike any characters, etc; you can tell me anything. I like conversation.

If you have read this story on Luna, Wattpad, or You-Fic, I did change the chapters. Basically, some of the chapters that had the "continue on" option, especially chapter 5, I just split the chapters up. I felt it was confusing. Some chapters will be very short, but that's OK. It's hard to keep a specific word count when writing CYOA, and I don't think you're supposed to, so some chapters being two-liners are perfectly OK. Have fun!

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EDIT: 12|7|13: I added onto this chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to get to chapter 10 soon.

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Sorry, no chapter ten yet. Please let me know how the multiple choices here were, and remember that you are allowed to choose up to two choices per question if one result isn't quite so spot on. Is there anything I need to change, or is there something I can do to improve? Do you have any questions about the love interests you would like answered in the results?

EDIT: 12|14|13 I decided to take out the chapter 15 library chapter for now. What I mean is that it isn't a choice in this chapter anymore.

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Remember, you are allowed to choose up to two answers per set of choices if no one answer matches yours quite so spot on. Also please pay attention to the instructions. I may tell you to add whatever answers you have made to the next chapter, and to not read this answer's results.

Aside from that, I'm hoping that the characters aren't stiff (especially in the results part. God, this is a long chapter, and I hope the future chapters aren't this long either. If you're wondering about what kind of creatures are in this chapter, or any chapter in this story, you are welcome to ask, and I shall answer.

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I am still getting to chapters nine and ten, which will start having those WWYFF multiple choice questions, answers and results, and will be updated separately. It might take a long while before I update, so I apologize in advance.

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If you've already read chapter 10 before March 3, 2014, then don't read this chapter because I did some cuts of some chapters. It's the editing process. I'm sorry for the confusion.

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If you've read chapter 4 before March 3, 2014, then don't read this chapter. It's just one of my continuous editing and cutting process for this story.

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If you've read Chapter 7 before March 3, 2014, then don't read this chapter because it was part of a previous chapter I decided to split apart. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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