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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters. I only own MY OC!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Snowy's a scardy-cat~. I'm gonna hurry up and post my Resident Evil fics that have OC x CC pairings (CC means Canon Character).
Iluzija - a human-based B.O.W. encountered by Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and several other BSAA operatives while dealing with the bioterror in Lanshiang, China, primarily in the inner Poisawan area. Its name is derived from the Serbian word for "illusion".


Snowy huffed lightly as she made her way after Chris, they were after a hostile that had attacked one of the BSAA agents and drug him away.

“What was that?!” The agent known as Marco shouted in surprise as the creature plowed its way through a few doors. Chris scoffed lightly as he took the lead.

“That’s the target!” He stated. Snowy did her best to keep up the pace as Piers and Chris kicked down a bent door that was splotched in deep red blood. Much to the woman’s dismay; they were going to pass through – Chris wanted Ada dead, as well as this ‘invisible target’.

The squad made their way quietly down the hall; Snowy didn’t like the idea of her back being turned away from the target. Soon deciding to speak out about now.

“Guys, there’s a long hallway behind us, and I’m fuckin’ scared right now..” She muttered loud enough, causing Piers to shake his head in an annoyed gesture.

Chris furrowed his brow, “You’ll be fine, just don’t wander off.”

Snowy nodded slowly, soon enough; a shrill cry of pain was heard, as well as hissing. The hostile was back, and had dragged away another agent who had stayed behind to search a room. Chris spotted the target trying to escape and bolted after it; leaving his team in Piers’ hands.

“Captain, wait!” Piers shouted, seeing that Chris was going to get himself killed without back-up.

Snowy gestured for the other men to wait, soon tailing after the two men. Much to Snowy’s horror; the creature was now eyeing her up. The chill down the woman’s neck seemed to let her know it was ‘game over’.

Knowing she was blocked in, Snowy had no choice to flee farther away from the group. Luckily her radio was still connected to the others in the group.

“Fall in line, soldier…” Chris confidently stated to Piers as he walked past the young man, going back to regroup with the other tense soldiers. He made a silent count of everyone who was still alive – but there was no Snowy. The man’s eyes widened a bit, turning back to see only Piers behind him.


The yelp over the radio surprised both Nivans and Redfield; causing the men to place their fingers over the ear-pieces they wore. “Snowy…?” Chris spoke over the radio in an alert tone.


“Snowy? Snowy? Shit..!” Chris growled as he took a few steps back, moving his hand away from his ear.

“We can follow the GPS in her radio,” Piers stated steadily as he moved past his captain. Chris nodded as he prompted the squad to follow after them, with Chris silently hoping that the creature hadn’t killed Snowy already.

“This way – in here.” Piers called out as they breached the door into one of the rooms. It was quiet, and there seemed to be no sign of Snowy. They searched the room for any signs of life, still finding nothing.

“Are you sure you’re reading that thing right?” Chris stated irritatedly.

Piers nodded, “It’s not moving anywhere else, she’s gotta be here.” He responded disconcertedly. Chris’ stern gaze moved to one of the doors under the kitchen sink, the man decided to check in there of all places.

Chris knelt down to open the door under the sink, pulling it open slowly as he flicked on the built-in light on his ear-piece to see what was inside. His light skimmed over a bulky shape under the sink, it was still – which seemed to worry him.

Redfield cautiously moved his hand toward the shape, pushing it lightly.

“I’M TRYING BUT YOU’RE IN THE WAY – OH GOD!” It yelped rapidly as it squirmed inside the cramped space, showing how it really didn’t fit under that small space.

Completely catching Redfield and Piers by surprise; with Chris scooting away on his rump quickly, and Piers stumbling before pointing his weapon at the shape.

“God damn it!!” Piers shouted angrily, not taking lightly to being surprised by the shape.

Chris was to his feet now, realizing that it was Snowy. “Jesus, how the hell did you get in there?!” Chris stated amusedly as the women wiggled her way out of the space under the sink.

Snowy reached for her weapon as she sat on the floor, “You guys aren’t big gamers, are you?” She stated as she turned to face them while sitting, the two men could see her face; as she was not wearing her wolf mask for this mission.

“You good? What exactly happened?” Chris questioned.

Snowy smirked, “It came after me.. And I hid…” She replied.

Piers frowned a tad, “That’s not something to be proud of..”

“You know shit – I ain’t dying, you people should know me by now,” Snowy stated sarcastically. Chris soon reached out to help Snowy up, the woman firmly gripped his hand as she pulled herself up. “Besides, I used to place hide-n-seek with Chris – he could never find me~.”

Piers opened his mouth to respond, but shut it after a few seconds. He didn’t actually want to know what the two did in their free time.
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