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Summary: Snowy has a close run-in with the terror known as the Iluzija.

[OC x Chris Redfield]
Rated: T
Categories: Resident Evil 6 Characters: Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Story Type: Ficlet
Warnings: Language, Violence
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Word count: 927 Read: 971
Published: 10/28/13 Updated: 10/28/13
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters. I only own MY OC!

1. IluzijaHunt by Chalky [Reviews - 0] (927 words)
Snowy's a scardy-cat~. I'm gonna hurry up and post my Resident Evil fics that have OC x CC pairings (CC means Canon Character).