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Summary: [One-Shot] He was there for you, whether you wanted him to be or not.

...But would he ALWAYS be? That's what worried you.

You x Alfred/America

Dedicated to FireKitsune
Rated: T
Categories: Hetalia Axis Powers Characters: America
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Story Type: One-Shot, Reader-Insert
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Published: 11/01/13 Updated: 11/01/13

1. Chapter 1 - There For You by SacredTear [Reviews - 0] (6305 words)
Hello one and all and welcome to my first Axis Powers Hetalia one-shot! ...Perhaps the last, but probably not because I love the series x3

As stated in the summary this is dedicated to my best friend Meg (FireKitsune)! She has helped me through so much and is always there for me when I need it...with family matters and when I'm just being an idiot. So this is for you, my love!

She likes Alfred and Arthur...and she used to like Al more so I made this...but now she likes Art more so...eh. Hopefully you'll still like this, Meg ^^; Plus you're making your England story so hopefully you'll get your Arthur kicks that way XD ANYWAYYY...

So yeah. If you guys aren't familiar with the 'human' names, Alfred = America and Matthew = Canada. Just...so you know.

I think that's it for now. Please enjoy and THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING, MEG! I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS~

I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia. So...yeah. Don't sue?