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Story Notes:
So I think technically drabbles are less than 100 words...but if you know me and my usual lengthy stories, I consider this a drabble ^_^; Heaven forbid I have a story under 2000 words O.o Anyway. Sooo...one day I was doing homework, but couldn't focus cuz all I could think about was cuddling with my crush. He said he'd cuddle with me...but then 2 weeks later started dating another girl ;_; Lame. So anyway, I thought of this idea and since I love Ichigo...it's with him! Not much more to say. Please enjoy the shortest story I will probably ever write x3

Don't own Bleach or Ichigo! Just my own storyline x3
The numbers were staring back at you from the page, just taunting you with their simplicity. Three equations, three unknowns. It was easy! Solve for x over here, plug in to solve for y over there, plug in and get a number for z, then backtrack to get the rest! Simple!

Yet for some reason all you could do was stare. It should've only taken you 2 minutes to do the problem...and that was just writing it down! If you could do it in your head it'd be less than a minute!

But here it was, still unfinished...as it had been for the past 10 minutes. What was the reason you were so distracted?

That would be the orange-haired hottie sitting mere feet away from you on his bed. That's right, his BED, where you could so easily just toss both your books aside, tackle him, strip you both of your clothes and have your way with him.

But of course that wouldn't happen. Ichigo was a prude...not to mention he didn't even know how you felt about him. You two were good friends so you didn't want to jeopardize that friendship by admitting your feelings. But those times when you'd catch a glimpse of those amazing abs or other parts of that sexy body?

You almost wished you WERE a rapist.

"How're you doing over there?"

You blinked, looking over to your left and seeing Ichigo eye you from his spot on his bed, his handsome brown eyes looking up from his own homework towards you. "I'm...I'm okay," you replied, turning back to the page, unable to look into those handsome eyes before they tempted you further.

"You look like you're having problems. Do you need help?"

You shifted your weight in the chair. Sure you needed help...but not the kind of help he was referring to. You looked sideways at him, just imagining him with his shirt off...lying beneath you as you ravished him, kissing down his beautiful torso down to his--

"I can help you if you want."

Hell, you just wanted any sort of attention from him right now. You weren't quite sure why your body was acting the way it was all of a sudden...damn, just cuddling with him would be enough. Cuddling... Oh. Wait. He's still talking to you! "I uh..." You looked down at your page, seeing the problem half done. You had already gotten past the hard part and all that was left was the easy step! What would he say if he saw how stupid you were?

"Come on, I'll help you." He leaned back slightly and patted the space next to him, giving you a reassuring smile. Oh, was he heavenly when he smiled!

You blushed lightly as you reluctantly stood up, picking up your book and papers as you headed over to him, plopping on the bed and letting your feet dangle off the side as he took your book and put it in his lap. "I uh...yeah..." you started shyly, handing him what you had done on the problem.

He quickly glanced over it before turning towards you and raising his eyebrow. "That's not quite where I thought you'd get stuck."

"Yeah I...I dunno."

"Wellll okay, um." You saw as he furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He would never give you an answer straight up; he'd try to point you in the right direction so you could learn from it. You always appreciated when he did that because...truth be told, you DID learn from it. It rarely happened since you were both intelligent but there was that rare moment every once in awhile. "Okay, what do you know about x?"

X. You knew what x was. You knew what to do with x and with the rest of the problem, but you were just too damn distracted! And now, sitting next to him you could smell his sexy, manly scent...and you were probably even more distracted than before. Oh how you just wanted to snuggle up to him...lay your head against him and just lie there and not worry about homework!

As soon as you pictured yourself leaning against him, the urge to do so began to grow...and grow and grow. Just lean your head against his shoulder...surely it wouldn't be that bad, would it? Friends do it all the time, sure!

Content with that reasoning, you finally gave into your temptation and tilted your head, relaxing it against his strong yet oddly comfortable shoulder.

Ichigo tensed slightly, expecting more of an answer rather than you suddenly making contact with him. Your head was on his shoulder...what should he do? He wanted so badly to hold you...just hold you against him so he could protect you from whatever dangers might lay in store. But no, he couldn't. Surely you were just tired...that would explain why you hadn't completed the easy problem. Yeah, just tired. You couldn't have done it on purpose.

Ichigo was in for another surprise however once his own head tilted to the side as well, lying gently on yours. A blush formed on his face as he mentally cursed himself, wondering how he could've allowed his body to act on its own like that. Should he lift his head back up? Yeah, probably. Good idea.

He began to, but froze once he felt you move closer to him, nuzzling your head deeper into the crook of his neck. Your nose and soft breath brushed across a sweet spot on his neck, sending chills down his body and giving him a small pulse of excitement. He soon found himself nuzzling you back, and soon enough his whole thought process was consumed with just wanting to hold you.

But...how would you respond to that? Surely you can't feel the same way he does... He stopped his nuzzling as the negative thoughts took over his mind, though he still kept his head resting on yours. "So...um. Wh-what don't you know about the problem?" he directed you, hoping to distract himself from your close proximity.

You sighed as you pulled away, forcing Ichigo to lift his head from yours. Was it something he said? "Nothing," you replied as you laid down in frustration. "There's nothing I don't know about the problem."

"U-um...I don't..."

"I get the problem, Ichigo." You rubbed your hands over your eyes, attempting to hide the blush you were sure was forming on your face.

"Then why--"

"Because I'm distracted, okay?" You sighed and rolled over so you faced the wall, your back towards the confused orange-top. Ichigo felt he should ask what the problem was, but you seemed upset...he didn't want to make you angrier if he was the problem to start with. "Ichigo?"

"Yes?" he replied, probably a bit too eagerly.

"I..." You paused, your face heating up with what you were about to ask. "Can I ask you a favor...?"

Favor? You were good, no great!, friends...why wouldn't you just ask him? You've never asked his permission before... Ichigo wanted to help you more than anything, regardless of what it was. He felt a twinge of worry in his heart; what if you knew he had wanted to hold you and you were going to ask him to stop? Oh boy, he sure felt stupid...


"Y-yeah, sorry. Just thinking." He shook his head for a moment. "So um, what...kind of favor?"

You looked at him for a moment, looking at you intently with his gorgeous eyes. You looked away once you felt your face rise a few more degrees. "I..." You sighed in frustration and covered your face with your hands again. "I can't believe I'm asking this," you muttered to yourself before pulling your hands away, though keeping your eyes away from the intense look of the Substitute Shinigami. "I need..." You paused, trying to form the phrase in your head. "A hug."

"A hug?" he asked in confusion. You've just up and given him hugs before, surely you wouldn't ask now, would you?

"Well, no. More than that, I guess. I..." You covered your face again, feeling your heart start to beat a hundred times a minute. "Never mind."

"No, tell me," Ichigo pleaded, setting the books and homework on the ground as he turned to you. "Something's obviously bothering you." He felt his own heart start to flutter; were you asking for more than a hug?

"It's stupid," you said, shaking your head.

"Tell me," he instructed, his voice firm. Oh great. Now he was making a big deal out of it. You couldn't tell him now!

But then again...you knew he wasn't going to let you off the hook. It was now or never! "Fine..." You pulled your hands away yet again, opening your eyes, but keeping them downcast towards the wall. "Can you...cuddle with me?"

Ichigo's face instantly went red, his heart pounding like a rock drummer in his chest. "W-what?!" he stuttered, his voice rising a few octaves.

"I know, it's stupid. I'm sorry for asking," you quickly replied, hiding your face in your hands again.

You were about to ramble again, until you felt something slowly and unsurely make its way around your waist, causing your heart beat to increase to about a million times a minute. You pulled your hands away yet again, your eyes and the rest of your face expressing your shock. Was...was he doing what you think he was doing?!


"Shh..." At this you felt him wrap his arm a bit tighter around you, as though a bit more sure of himself than before. He scooted a bit closer to you, his front pressed snugly against your back while his arm remained around your waist.

You blinked in confusion, wondering if Ichigo really was lying down with you right now. Could he really be that good of a friend that he'd cuddle with you despite how shy and prudish he was? Your shocked expression slowly melted into a smile, realizing you should enjoy the moment while it lasted...since there was no telling when it might end.

You reached down and took Ichigo's hand in yours, lifting it up so you lifted his whole arm. Ichigo's eyes opened as he watched you curiously, seeing you turn around so you faced him before you let his arm back down around your waist. You remained avoiding eye contact, instead snuggling into his chest and keeping your arms pressed securely between you two. Ichigo blinked down at you before a smile came to his face, closing his eyes as he pulled you closer, his hand gliding up your back to press you against him.

You slowly opened your eyes, staring with a smile at Ichigo's shirt-covered chest in front of you. He often wore tight shirts, so you could easily see his toned muscles, especially with the close proximity you held right now. You shifted slightly and moved your hand up and down his chest, your fingers lightly tracing his muscles. Ichigo remained perfectly still, allowing you to traverse his torso with your delicate fingers as he attempted to keep his breathing, and his hormones, under control.

You stopped your tracing, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss through his shirt before you closed your eyes and snuggled closer, wrapping your arms around him so you could be closer to him. He shifted to accommodate the new position, scooting closer to you so your bodies were flush as he could wrap his arm tighter around you.

Your hips soon began to twitch, your knees aching for the need to be separated. Your body soon took control of itself and made your leg lift up and over Ichigo's, a blush forming on your face again as you wondered just how far you could go before he pulled away.

Unbeknownst to you, there wasn't a limit to as far as you could go. Ichigo blushed his own blush, his whole body loving the feeling of being close to you. He immediately felt the extra space once you lifted your leg over his, his body not liking the missed contact. He blushed deeper once his body took control again, his hips shifting closer to yours so both of them were flush against each other. He froze completely, hoping you wouldn't notice...or if you did, hoping you wouldn't mind.

Unbeknownst to him, there wasn't a limit to as far as he could go either. A smile crossed your face as you felt him respond, something telling you he didn't mind cuddling with you as much as you thought he might've.

You tightened your grip, pulling him tighter against you as you let out a soft, content sigh, not noticing the soft sigh of relief he released at the same time. "Thank you...Ichigo..."

He smiled to himself, tilting his head down and leaving a soft kiss on the top of yours. "Anytime..."

Your eyes slid closed as you lay together with him, keeping your arms and legs wrapped securely around him as he kept his wrapped securely around you.

Ichigo may have saved you from your distraction this time...

But he was rather certain he would never be able to focus on homework ever again.
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