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Summary: [Drabble!] You're a good student and can get homework done in a snap...but that's when you aren't in the presence of your amazingly hot friend. There's only so much distraction you can handle before you're forced to take action. Ichigo x You
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Published: 11/01/13 Updated: 11/01/13
Story Notes:
So I think technically drabbles are less than 100 words...but if you know me and my usual lengthy stories, I consider this a drabble ^_^; Heaven forbid I have a story under 2000 words O.o Anyway. Sooo...one day I was doing homework, but couldn't focus cuz all I could think about was cuddling with my crush. He said he'd cuddle with me...but then 2 weeks later started dating another girl ;_; Lame. So anyway, I thought of this idea and since I love Ichigo...it's with him! Not much more to say. Please enjoy the shortest story I will probably ever write x3

Don't own Bleach or Ichigo! Just my own storyline x3

1. Chapter 1 - Perverted Preoccupation by SacredTear [Reviews - 3] Liked (2195 words)