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Story Notes:
So I remembered I had this sequel...but I couldn't find it for the LIFE OF ME. But then I found it XD However, I couldn't remember the title I gave for it so again I was in a predicament. But thanks to Firefox remembering what I type in boxes, it remembered my title for me XD SO YAY!

Anyway, here's the sequel to "Distraction", my other Ichigo "drabble". After reading this...I dunno how much I like it D: But oh well. Here ya guys go. I thought about making another sequel but that's highly unlikely since I have my Ichigo chapter fic going. Buuuut who knows.

I'm done rambling. Review if you wish; as always, it's greatly appreciated ^^; Enjoy!
If a ball is thrown off the top of a 40 meter tall building with an initial velocity of 4 meters per second at a degree of 23 degrees above the horizontal, calculate the time it takes for the ball to hit the ground 20 meters away.

Coffee brown eyes browsed over the words again, as if he hadn't read them the first time. Though to be perfectly honest, that was probably the truth. His eyes were reading the words alright, but his mind was doing anything but processing the information.

Ichigo's eyes glanced up to your form on the floor, seeing your legs kick freely in the air as you continued to read your book on your stomach, your head rested in your hands propped up by your elbows. You definitely looked cute, the way you were innocently reading your chapter without a care in the world. Ichigo was pretty sure you were at least retaining the information you were taking in...why couldn't he?

His eyes couldn't help but scan down your form, stopping for a fleeting moment at the edge of your skirt. The edges had been riding along with your skin, swaying back and forth as your legs kicked rhythmically. A blush formed on his face as he forced himself to look away, back down at the physics book that was taunting him so.

'Alright. "If a ball is thrown off...the top..."' His thoughts trailed off again as he couldn't help but look up to you once more. He was currently perched on his bed - where he always was during homework time - as he watched you from above.

Ever since that day two months ago, Ichigo had found it harder and harder to focus on his homework and studies while he was around you. The two of you weren't technically dating, yet...but that was mostly his fault. Though you did both end up cuddling a few more times since then, he never actually worked up the courage to ask you out. Why has he always hesitated? Surely he knew how you felt about him, right?

Well...even Ichigo himself wasn't sure why he hadn't asked you yet. He had wanted to many a time, but for some reason he always ended up freaking out and bailing. But perhaps he would...


He was pulled from his thoughts by you yawning, stretching out your body before crossing your arms before you and laying your head upon them; Ichigo's eyes never left your form. "I can't take anymoreee," you muttered, your eyes closed to express your tiredness. "World History is only so interesting..." A smile came to Ichigo's face as he watched you, a blush coming to his face once more as you opened your eyes to look at him. "So how's your homework going?"

His smile faded and his blush intensified, his eyes quickly gazing down at his book once more. "It's uh...it's going," he lied.

"What problem are you on?"

Well NOW he was screwed. You had already finished the homework, so if he were to say what number he was on, you'd surely know he was only on the 2nd problem.

1 problem done in an hour and a half.

Yeah. That's not suspicious. "Um. I'm...skipping around," he replied.

You nodded and rolled onto your back as you rubbed your eyes, Ichigo sighing softly in relief that you didn't ask any more questions...yet. "What'd you get for the second one?"

His heart beat faster as he looked back down at the blank page. "I uh...haven't gotten there yet." He wished he could keep his shaky voice under control; who knows what you would be thinking!

"Oh, well don't worry about it," you told him, dropping your hands next to your head as you looked up at him from the ground. "It's really easy. Just use the Kinematic equations and that's pretty much it."

"Oh...right." Of course. Why didn't he think of that!

...but then again, why didn't he think at all? "...Are you alright, Ichigo?"

His eyes drifted from his book back up to you, his heartbeat increasing once more as he saw you continue to lie innocently on the floor. "Y-yeah...I'm fine." Your arms by your head, your body lying flat...It would be so easy to straddle you and kiss you to his heart's content. So easy and yet...so hard. Why couldn't he will his body to move?

"You don't look fine," you said, a worried tone in your voice as you sat up. "C'mon, what's wrong?"

"It's really nothing, don't worry about it."

"Don't lie to me..." you threatened, looking at him sideways.

"It's noth--"


"I'm distracted, okay?!" You blinked as a blush formed on his face after what he said. He immediately looked down at his book again, obviously avoiding eye contact.

"What's...distracting you?"

He sighed and ran his hands over his face and into his silky orange hair. "Just forget it."

You tilted your head to the side as you looked at him with sympathy. It was then that you noticed the blush on his face; yes, it was the very same blush that he always seemed to get around this time.

And yes, you knew Ichigo well enough that you were able to decipher what each of his different blushes meant. You were observant, yes indeed.

A smile came to your face as you stood up and moved before him, placing your hands on his knees as you leaned forward, his eyes hesitantly looking up to meet your gaze. "Ichigo...Why didn't you just tell me?"

He looked down for a moment. "Because...I--" He looked back up to you as you placed a finger on his lips to silence him. You then removed your hands from his form, reaching down to his books and papers to pick them up and set them on the floor.

You turned back to Ichigo with a smile. "Lay down," you instructed.

"Um...I-I--" You rose an eyebrow, your way of taunting him by saying you would do something drastic if he didn't comply. As such, he did as you asked, his eyes looking at you worriedly as he scooted further back onto the bed before lying down.

You smiled again before getting onto the bed with him, straddling him as you propped yourself up with your hands by his head as you leaned over him. "There now...was that so hard?" you asked, leaning your face dangerously close to his. He began stuttering again, leading to you giggling before you relaxed your arms and fell to his side, wrapping your left arm around his strong torso as you snuggled into his side.

Ichigo however remained looking up at the ceiling, his blush still on his face. You were so close...so close! Why didn't he just take the initiative and kiss you? He was regretting his hesitation now; that would've been the perfect opportunity! What was he thinking?!

"You make it seem like a bad thing," you went on, your blissful smile never leaving its place. "But you know me, Ichigo. I have the same problem too...It's not like I won't cuddle with you, right?" you asked, leaning your head up to look at him. His eyes slowly moved from the ceiling over to you, his face blank, but a different kind of blush on his features now. You furrowed your eyebrows. "You haven't heard a thing I said, have you?"

His eyes studied your face, how perfect it was, how much he wanted to hold it...how much he wanted to kiss it. The urge was so strong, stronger even than his urges have been to cuddle with you every week.

"Ichigo?" It still seemed like he was focusing on something else as he stared at you. Though you would've loved for him to stare at you, since you didn't know the current reason, you began to get a bit self-conscious. "Ichigo, what's--"

Your eyes went wide as you were cut off, feeling Ichigo's lips crash into yours as he leaned his head up from the bed. The kiss felt so new, so awkward...yet so absolutely amazing. You slid your eyes closed as you relaxed, leaning your head into it to deepen the kiss.

Though you've had loving pecks here and there since your first cuddle session, this was your first actual kiss with Ichigo.

Hell...it was your first actual kiss period.

After a few more moments, you both hesitantly pulled away, your eyes sliding open hazily at one another as he slowly lowered his head back to the pillow. "Ichigo..."

"That...was what was distracting me," he answered simply, closing his eyes in the process.

You blinked at him curiously, a smile forming on your face as you watched him. You always thought Ichigo was a shy prude, but yet...here he was, taking charge.

'If only he'd do it in other ways,' you thought sarcastically as you rolled your eyes. You pushed the thought aside however as you took charge, rolling your body over so you were on top of him again. He opened his eyes as a worried look flashed through them; though he kissed you, it seemed he was still shy in some aspects. "U-umm..."

"Don't tell me you're still shy," you teased, lowering your head so it was next to his again, your arms wrapping around his neck as best they could.

"Well, no...I..."

You smiled cutely and giggled, closing your eyes as you leaned closer until you closed the gap. You felt Ichigo tense up slightly under you until he finally relaxed, his hands hesitantly and awkwardly making their way around your waist to hold you against him.

You loved the feeling of your lips against his, and you only wished you could get more of the wonderful feeling you were experiencing right now. Instead of wanting more, you did what you could and enjoyed the moment for what it was. You continued pressing your lips against his and feeling him shyly returning the gesture.

After another few moments, you hesitantly pulled away, your eyes looking deeply into his hazy brown ones. A soft smile formed on your face as you brought your hand up to brush against his face until you held his cheek in your hand lovingly. "I love being around you, Ichigo," you told him softly. "Please don't ever be shy to ask me anything, alright? Cuddling and kissing included. Though..." You looked up for a moment. "I guess you don't have to ask to kiss me," you said, looking back down to him. "I'd prefer it if you would just do it."

He gave a light laugh and he smiled for a moment, but it faded soon after. "Actually...I do have a question..." he started shyly, his voice decrescendoing as his sentence went on.

You furrowed your eyebrows in surprise confusion as you pulled away slightly. "Really? Go on."

It seemed he was hesitating more, shyly avoiding eye contact as yet another indescribable blush came across his face (the first one, you determined, was his shy blush for wanting to kiss you; but what did THIS one mean?). "Will you...go out with me?" he asked softly, his eyes slowly drifting back to you to see your reaction.

Needless to say, he shouldn't have had anything to worry about. A wide smile accompanied your cute laugh as you leaned forward, planting a soft, quick kiss on his lips before you hugged him tightly and thrust your head into his chest. "I'd love to, Ichigo." You felt Ichigo relax almost immediately, his arms wrapping around you in a more comfortable fashion as he held you tighter.

"You have no idea how hard that was for me," he admitted with a smile.

You smiled in return, nuzzling your head against his chest. "Oh I think I have an idea." He shifted slightly, cueing you to pull back and look at him. You did so before giving another smile. "You think asking you to cuddle with me was easy?"

A small smirk played across his face. "Point taken."

You laughed, planting yet another soft kiss on him before resting your head on his chest once more. "Although now do you know what the problem is?"

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

You lifted your head before smirking at your new boyfriend. "We'll never be able to focus on homework ever again."

Ichigo blinked before a smile came to his face, his arms pulling you closer as your lips closed the gap gently.

It may have been a true statement, but Ichigo deemed that it was a worthy distraction.
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