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Summary: [Sequel to "Distraction"] Ever since you initiated a cuddle session with your crush, you've been finding it harder and harder to focus when you two did homework together.

However, it seems you aren't the only one.

You x Ichigo
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Published: 11/01/13 Updated: 11/01/13
Story Notes:
So I remembered I had this sequel...but I couldn't find it for the LIFE OF ME. But then I found it XD However, I couldn't remember the title I gave for it so again I was in a predicament. But thanks to Firefox remembering what I type in boxes, it remembered my title for me XD SO YAY!

Anyway, here's the sequel to "Distraction", my other Ichigo "drabble". After reading this...I dunno how much I like it D: But oh well. Here ya guys go. I thought about making another sequel but that's highly unlikely since I have my Ichigo chapter fic going. Buuuut who knows.

I'm done rambling. Review if you wish; as always, it's greatly appreciated ^^; Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1 - Hard To Focus by SacredTear [Reviews - 1] Liked (2094 words)