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Author's Chapter Notes:
So this be my second songfic! Yay! (The first is over at FOS...of which I have yet to post over here. But hey, who's counting). I don't usually write songfics...just because I know I don't usually read them, nor do I read the lyrics when people post them. Buuut I like this song ("If Everyone Cared" by Nickleback, which can be seen here if you wish!) and I just got random ideas. Sooo I threw them together and this is what resulted.

It doesn't really take place in the Bleach universe...I just pictured this with Ichigo so...thus it is with him. Yay I guess?

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. Review if you wish~

Also...if you're like me and tend to skip the lyrics... Eh, please try not to? ^^; Some scenes refer to them and it's just overall better for everyone. ....*nods* Yes. True story.

Okay, I'm done. Enjoy!

I do not own Bleach, Ichigo, Nickleback, nor the song "If Everyone Cared".
From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight
Singing Amen, I...I'm alive
Singing Amen, I...I'm alive

"Are you sure you're okay?"

You gave a soft giggle as you replied. "Ichi, I promise, I'm fine. We do this all the time and I have yet to get cold. Why do you keep asking?"

His voice softened slightly, an indication to you that he was no doubt blushing. "I just want to make sure you're warm...that's all."

"Well thank you for your concern, but yes, I'm fine." You gripped his hand harder to reassure him, scooting closer and making sure your body was pressed up tightly beside his to hopefully quell any more of his fears. "Besides, if you worry too much about me, then you're gonna miss the first one!"

"I won't miss it," he said matter-of-factly, his stronger voice telling you his blush had faded. "Besides, there's the first one right there!" He stretched his arm out before him to point at the sky above your heads; you followed the general direction of his finger to see something glowing in the early night sky.

"Whaaat? No way!" you whined as you spotted what he was looking at. "How did you find that so fast?"

He laughed and lowered his hand, keeping his other securely around yours. "See, and you were too worried about me worrying about you!"

You paused for a moment, squinting into the night sky above you. "Heyyyy, wait a minute. That's not a star, silly! It's moving!"

"Huh? No it's not!" he rebuttaled.

"It totally is!" you fired back with a laugh. "See, look!" you held your left arm forward and pointed, though you clearly didn't need to, as you leaned on your right to be closer to Ichigo. "I'm pretty sure that's a satellite, Ichi!" you told him, laughter still in your voice.

"Well I don't see it moving."

You brought your gaze down from the sky as you turned your head to look at your boyfriend beside you, seeing that he had closed his eyes. You narrowed yours as you threw your body more on top of him as you attempted to grab his sides. "You're such a cheater! I knew you wouldn't find the first one!"

He couldn't help but laugh at your failed attempts to tickle him, allowing himself to open his eyes at your beautiful visage beside him; you were attempting to glare, but the smile that was plastered on your face made it hard to do so. He eventually turned towards you, the smiles still permanently etched on either of your faces as you gazed into each others' eyes.

The teasing laughter eventually died down, your wide smiles slowly melting into soft ones as you stared into the others' soul. Your eyes gazed back and forth between his two glowing orbs, realizing that you loved every single feature of his perfect face. You knew you could easily stare at it for hours on end, and he often said the same thing about you and yours; you knew he wasn't lying.

Both of your smiles had faded and it was completely silent for a moment until he finally broke it. "I love you, _____."

There was no smile on his face, his eyes were narrowed; you knew he was telling the truth, just as he always was every time he had said it.

A soft smile formed on your face, however, as you gripped his hand tighter and moved your head closer.

"I love you, too, Ichigo."

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died
And I'm singing
Amen I...Amen I...I'm alive
Amen I...Amen I...Amen I...
I'm alive

You slowed from your jog as you finally saw your boyfriend, looking around with disinterest with his hands stuffed in his pockets. You smiled to yourself as you caught your breath and made your way over to him, catching his gaze as you finally got closer. "Hey, sorry about that," you apologized, greeting him with the traditional kiss before you took a step back.

"No problem," he responded, his eyes expressing confusion. "What was up?"

"Oh..." you started, your smile fading into seriousness. "It was...John. I just talked to him for a bit."

You saw as he visibly tensed and his guard immediately went up. "Oh. What about?"

"I just...I dunno," you shrugged. "He just seems like he's having a hard time. And no one else will talk to him."

"Well can you blame them? I mean look at the guy! He's a delinquent and a juvenile, of course no one is going to talk to him."

You remained silent, turning to the side to avoid his gaze and the talk you knew was coming.

"Look...I know you believe there's some good in everybody, but...I just don't have a good vibe from that guy. He's shop-lifted from a grocery store, robbed a gas station, and even tried to kill someone. He should be put in jail but hasn't just because he's too young! He's dangerous, _____. And I don't want you to hang around him anymore. He isn't safe."

"He's just misunderstood..."

Ichigo sighed and paused for a moment, allowing you to slowly turn your gaze towards him before he continued. "Well then let him get a psychiatrist or something. There's no need to bring you into it."

"But I'm the only one he can talk to..."

"No," he said firmly as he shook his head, taking a few steps forward to lay his hands on your shoulders. "He can find someone else. I just...I don't want you around him. I don't want something to happen to you."

"Nothing's going to happen, Ichigo," you replied equally as sternly. "I'm the only one who cares about him, why would something happen to me?"

You expected another rebuttal, but instead he wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly against him. You heard his calm heartbeat against your ear, showing you how serious he had been. "Please... _____, I know you want to believe he's good...that there's some good in him somewhere. But it's not true; not everyone is good and innocent like you. I want to believe it too, but I know it's just not true."

You closed your eyes as you swallowed hard, not wanting to believe his words, but knowing that deep down...he was right. "Why...can't it be true?" you rhetorically asked. "Why can't everyone just...get along? I don't understand why there are such bad things in the world."

"I don't know, _____," he answered honestly, kissing the top of your head as he held you tighter. "I just don't know."

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Singing Amen, I...I'm alive
Singing Amen, I...I'm alive

"So maybe if we can break it up? I dunno. Is there some sort of acronym we could make from it?"

Bzzz bzzz bzzz

Your friends stopped their discussion as they all gave you an exasperated look. "Geeeeeez. How are we supposed to study with that incessant buzzing every 2 seconds?"

You couldn't help but smile as you flipped your phone open, reading the text message from your boyfriend before you lowered it and got ready to reply. "I'm sorry, I can't help it!" you told your study buddies.

"Yes you can, just put it away!" Despite the harsh context, the tone was at least a little light. At the same time, however, you knew they were getting fed up with your phone's constant vibrating. You lowered your head as you typed your response: "Haha! Yeah, that's true... Anyway, my friends are getting mad and saying I should pay attention. So I'll text you when I'm done, kay? :)"

Right as you put your phone in your lap and reached for your homework, you felt it buzz again. Your friends gave you another look as you opened your phone. "I told him I have to work, I promise!" you defended as you read the message: "But I thought you knew that stuff. You don't need to study, do you? Besides...I'll get lonely if you stop talking to me now..."

"Yeah, I know...It still wouldn't hurt to study though. But besides...I'm in the library. If my phone keeps making noise, they'll probably throw me out ;)"

"Alright, alright. I'll just talk to you later then. Good luck studying. Love you, _____."

"Love you, bye, Ichigo :) I'll talk to you soon! And thanks!"
You put your phone away and looked up, your three friends all sharing the same disinterested look. "Are you quite finished?"

You giggled as you reached for your homework yet again. "Yes, I am," you replied. "You all now have my full, undivided attention."

"About time," one muttered as she brought her book up again.

"I'll say," another agreed. "Anyway, as I was saying--" He continued to ramble on, but a strange sound in the distance caught your attention.

"Wait, did you guys hear that?" you asked curiously.

"You need to quit stalling, _____. We really need to study."

"No, I'm serious!" you rebuttaled as you looked towards the doors of the library. "It sounds like screams..." They all remained quiet for a moment, their eyes soon widening as what sounded like gun shots rang out from a distance. You all exchanged confused and worried glances as the volume increased and soon you saw crowds of people rushing by the doors.

"What the hell...?" one of your friends wondered aloud as he stood up. He turned to your group before he spoke. "You guys stay here. I'm gonna go check it out."

"Noooo, I think we should stay here," another suggested.

"Rena's right," you agreed slowly. "We don't know what's--"

However, before you could finish your sentence, you were cut off by more screams -- much closer than the first few had been -- as a figure suddenly came charging into the library as more shots rang out. You yourself screamed before you all had dove to the ground, hiding under the table and covering your heads as more bullets were fired into unsuspecting victims.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," Rena chanted through sobs beside you, only serving to make you more restless as adrenaline began pumping through your system. 'Shit...what the hell's going on? This can't be happening!' Your thoughts were frantic and a complete mess, hardly any complete sentences registering as you prayed that the gunner wouldn't purposely come and shoot down you and your friends.

"No! Please, don't shoot me! I'm sorry! Please!"

"Don't bother begging for your life. It only makes you look pathetic." You clenched your eyes closed as another shot rang out; a sick feeling twisted in your stomach as you knew the pleading soul had not been granted their wish of safety.

It was then that it hit you: the voice sounded familiar. 'Wait...is that...?' You opened your eyes and removed your hands from your head as you slowly lifted it up, attempting to get a good look at the gunner near the entrance. As if your sick feeling couldn't get any worse...it did.

There, standing in front of the check-out desk wielding two 9mm handguns, was John. His eyes were narrowed as he scanned the scene around him, lifting his gun to pick off anyone who attempted to flee. "Oh my God, it's John..." you muttered aloud, unaware even that you had done so until your friends replied.

"You know him?"

All you could do was nod dumbly before you slowly inched your way out from under the table. "_____! Wait, what the hell are you doing?!"

"I have to stop him!" you fired back as you got to your knees. "I'm the only one who understands him, I can convince him to stop, I know it!"

"Wait! It's not going to work!"

"_____, please!" Rena pleaded through sobs. "Stay here! God, please!"

"Just trust me!" you replied as you jumped to a stand and slowly made your way closer to the desk. You did all you could to block out your friends yelling and screaming behind you; you couldn't be deterred by their pleas to come back...you had to try!

You watched with a wrenched heart as he pointed his gun at another helpless student who was backing up towards the nearby wall with their hands up in forfeit. You clenched your eyes as another bullet fired, forcing yourself to open your eyes once more but keep them turned away from the blood bath you knew was near.

You finally felt you were close enough, so you decided to speak. "Hey...John," you started softly. "Please, you have to stop--"

From there, it seemed time had slowed down to slow motion. You were vaguely aware that John had turned to you, and the gun was pointed in your direction. You thought you heard another fire...but was it at you? And why did your stomach feel so weird?

You blinked slowly as your head tilted down, a strange warm fluid gushing from your right gut and instantly staining your clothes. You reached up to touch the fountain, feeling a hole where it had been initiating; it was then that an extremely severe pain began radiating throughout your entire being.

You looked up again to look at John, but your vision had begun to cloud over. Voices and screams around you mingled together into mindless garble. Your eyes slowly fluttered closed as you fell backwards, your vision going black before you even hit the ground.

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

Ichigo was certain he had never run faster in his entire life, Shinigami or no. As soon as he had heard there was a school shooting in progress at your school, he was gone in a flash.

Ichigo may have not been impervious to damage or invincible from bullets, but if your life was on the line, he'd be willing to risk it all to make sure you were safe. Hell, he was a Shinigami for Pete's sake! He had to be able to do something right?!

After what felt like forever, Ichigo finally arrived at your school, seeing a large crowd around outside; a large arc of squad cars and ambulances surrounded the perimeter. Ichigo didn't waste any time pushing his way to the front of the crowd and to the 'Do Not Cross' line.

"Please, you gotta let me in!" he pleaded to the crowd control cop that had been standing there.

"I'm sorry, Kid, it's still too dangerous. We have to check the place--"

"But my girlfriend is in there!" he all but yelled, ready to throttle the cop to let him through if need be.

"I understand that. There are many people who have family members--"

"No! You don't understand!" Ichigo screamed again, unable to control his temper as he reached forward and grabbed the cop by the collar of his uniform.

Just then the radio at the man's neck spoke. "The suspect has been apprehended in the library. We're still securing rooms to make sure he didn't have any accomplices but go ahead and--"

Ichigo's eyes widened and he didn't even bother to hear the rest of the message. He threw the cop he was holding to the side as he hopped the line and sprinted towards the school, ignoring the multiple police and firemen who had been yelling out to him.

The library. That was where they said they had found the suspect. Ichigo's stomach twisted in fear as he continued running.

...because that's also where you said you had been.

He didn't stop running until he finally made it to the library, seeing a group of cops surrounding some boy he didn't bother looking at. His eyes quickly scanned the scene, falling over the numerous bodies that lay strewn about and prayed that none of them were you.

Unfortunately, he didn't get his wish. "_____!" he cried as he once again dashed forward. He heard more police yelling at him to get away, but he didn't heed their warnings as he dove to your side. "_____! God, please, wake up!" He lifted your head slightly and held it up, his heart beating quickly in his chest as he continued calling your name.

"I...chigo...?" Your voice was strained and your eyes barely opened, but Ichigo still felt very relieved that you had not died.

"_____, just hang on! You're gonna be okay."

"Is...John okay?"

"John? Don't worry about John, just worry about yourself," he told you softly, feeling his eyes start to burn.

"But...John. He..." You clenched your eyes in pain and writhed slightly. "He...!"

"Don't worry about him," he repeated. "He'll be fine. And so will you, _____, I promise."

"I...don't feel good, Ichigo..."

"I know...I know," he replied, attempting to keep his voice strong but realized he was failing as a tear fell from his eyes. He reached forward with his other hand to hold yours hanging over your wound; he added pressure, attempting to stop the bleeding as he looked back up into your tired eyes. "You're gonna be fine," he repeated, his voice cracking. "Just hang on for me, okay?"

A faint smile came to your face as you slid your eyes closed. "I love you...Ichigo. Thank you. I'll...try."

"No, you won't try!" he yelled. "You will! Don't go to sleep, just stay with me!"

"I'll...be okay..." You gave a soft cough, but you attempted to keep your weak smile on.

The notion however only made Ichigo's heart wrench more. He quickly whipped around as he saw a group of EMT's and doctors come running in. "Someone help, quick! We need help over here!"

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

Ichigo's eyes flicked to all of the bright lights above him, mentally checking whether or not they were moving. He wasn't going to make another mistake of pointing out a satellite instead of a star.

"There's so many..." he commented aloud, the soft smile still on his face. "It's amazing to think about how big the universe is...and how many stars or satellites are really out there."

And yet, despite how large and grandiose the universe was, he still managed to find himself with you. He knew he had been lucky. Of all the guys in the world -- or the universe even -- how he managed to be the one to get you was beyond him. He often thought he didn't deserve you...but you were always quick to shut up him about it.

It was because of that fact that Ichigo always put his all into your relationship. He had made sure that you were always perfect and fine and that you got what you deserved. At times he felt guilty -- many times in fact -- because he knew that you deserved better. He felt that he had failed you. Even though you always told him otherwise...he still never believed you. For he knew the truth.

You deserved better. Despite it being true, Ichigo still never liked to dwell on it. He loved you with every fiber of his being...and he knew that you felt the same. He was certain there was no love in the world greater than your own. That's why it always tore him apart when you gave others the benefit of the doubt. He knew you wanted to believe that everyone had the potential to love like you two had...but the truth of the matter was that it wasn't true. However, all you had to do was keep trying. Maybe if one-by-one everyone took a turn extending a helping hand...maybe the world could change.

At least...that's what you always believed.

"Well it doesn't look like I mistook any satellites for stars this time, huh?" Ichigo asked you, chuckling softly. He didn't get a response, but he didn't seem deterred. He simply sat up from his star-gazing lying-down state and turned to his left, looking down beside him with the same soft smile.

His smile eventually faded into his typical frown. He slowly reached up to his mouth, pressing a gentle kiss to his two fingers before he lowered his hand to press it to the cold dirt beside him.

He gave a soft grunt as he slowly pushed himself to a stand, sliding his hands into his pockets as he turned to face the tombstone he had been previously lying beside.

"I miss you, _____. I...I wish I could've been there for you, but..." He trailed off and shook his head. "No, I'm sorry. I won't bring that up...I know you'll just say it wasn't my fault." He gave a soft sigh and closed his eyes for a moment before reluctantly looking at your name engraved on the stone again. "I love you with all my heart...and that will never change. I'll love you until the day I die, _____." He shook his head once more before he spoke again. "No, I'll always love you. And if I ever meet you in the Soul Society, I'll prove it to you."

He paused a moment and stared at the silent epitaph. As always, he didn't expect a response.

"I'll be back soon," he finally said. "I love you." He blew another kiss to the cold stone before he reluctantly turned around, throwing one more glance over his shoulder before he slowly trudged away.

You smiled softly as you watched him go, reaching up to touch your lips that still felt warm -- at least to you -- from every time he touched your final resting place. You wanted so badly to tell him that he had been right about John, that it was your fault you died, not Ichigo's. You knew he had beaten himself up about it...and he probably always would for the rest of his life.

There were many things you wanted to tell him, but you couldn't. You wanted to thank him for always worrying about you, for giving you such a wonderful life. You wanted to tell him to not feel guilty about your death, to not bear the weight of the world on his shoulders because of it. But most of all...

You wanted to say that you had felt the same...that you would always love him, even after death.

...But you could not. Instead, you sighed softly to yourself and held your hand against your chest, watching the love of your life slowly walk away.

"I love you...Ichigo."

The orange-haired teen paused for a moment and turned back towards your grave...but saw nothing.

Ichigo smiled softly to himself before he turned and was on his way once more, this time knowing for sure that he wasn't alone.

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

Then we'd see the day when nobody died
Chapter End Notes:
So...eh. There were some parts that didn't come out quite right... :/ Oh well. There was only so much I could do. Also, this is just some scenes that popped into my head when I listened to the song (not all of them...cuz I had to throw in a few more scenes to help make the story make sense ^^; but y'know...). So yeah...*shrug*

Also...I know there was probably a better name I could've used than "John". But I just stuck it in there as a place holder while I wrote and...truth be told I was too lazy to find/replace a better name. So thus...it stuck. Sorry if your name is John.

Anywayyy...Hope you guys liked it at least a little bit...maybe? I'd appreciate any reviews. Thank you for reading! XD

EDIT: Since FireDemonessJaganshi mentioned this, I suppose I will point it out. This does, in fact, take place with Ichigo as a Shinigami. However, at the end, I meant to imply that you kinda...disappeared when he turned around. Like, you said your line then went back to being the invisible ghost you are. I know I didn't imply that very well but that's what I meant for it to be like ^^; Good catch, FireDemoness! I'm glad you're paying attention XD

Also, not that it's important...but I suppose I can explain it anyway. John was caught in the library...which happened to be where you were too. That's because after he shot you he was like, OH SHIT and just kinda stood there...which allowed the police to move in and APPREHEND him. I was originally gonna have him kill himself after the fact, but I figured that was too cliché...and I know I'm cliché enough as it is so...I left it out.

Okay, that's it. Thanks again for reading! ^^
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