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Summary: {Songfic} Ichigo loved you with every fiber of his being...and he knew that you felt the same. He was certain there was no love in the world greater than your own. That's why it always tore him apart when you gave others the benefit of the doubt. He knew you wanted to believe that everyone had the potential to love like you two had...but the truth of the matter was that it wasn't true. However, all you had to do was keep trying. Maybe if one-by-one everyone took a turn extending a helping hand...maybe the world COULD change.

You x Ichigo
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1. Chapter 1 - Only If by SacredTear [Reviews - 1] (3897 words)
So this be my second songfic! Yay! (The first is over at FOS...of which I have yet to post over here. But hey, who's counting). I don't usually write songfics...just because I know I don't usually read them, nor do I read the lyrics when people post them. Buuut I like this song ("If Everyone Cared" by Nickleback, which can be seen here if you wish!) and I just got random ideas. Sooo I threw them together and this is what resulted.

It doesn't really take place in the Bleach universe...I just pictured this with Ichigo so...thus it is with him. Yay I guess?

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. Review if you wish~

Also...if you're like me and tend to skip the lyrics... Eh, please try not to? ^^; Some scenes refer to them and it's just overall better for everyone. ....*nods* Yes. True story.

Okay, I'm done. Enjoy!

I do not own Bleach, Ichigo, Nickleback, nor the song "If Everyone Cared".