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Story Notes:
This takes place after the "end" of 02...like after the Digidestined beat Oikawa. But everyone didn't get a Digimon like at the end of the series (WTF was up with that anyway? X_X). So there's still the select few of Digidestined. Basically: it's 2 years after 02, Oikawa is gone, not everyone has a Digimon like in the show. Get it? Got it. Good.

Now onto you. You are 18 years old (same age as the first Digidestined, imagine that XD) with long (down to your waist) blonde hair and green eyes. You can wear your hair however you see fit (You: Well gee, thanks!).

[For an example of how you look, you can go here:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/Sacred_Tear/1.jpg ]

You have a good body type too; not fat or whatever. Yay for that. You're a fairly popular pop singer and that has basically been your career since you were younger. You love to sing and absolutely adore your fans, whoever they may be. You love to sing randomly and out of the blue because it makes you happy. Even if you are sad and you sing, you usually cheer yourself up through your songs.

...Okay, how cheesy did that sound? (You: Very cheesy.) Okay I thought so. My bad. X_X

Well whatever. You'll find out more as the story goes on because I know how much you LOVE that XD So that's about it. And without further ado, my first chapter of my new Matt series:


I do not own Digimon, Matt, you as the reader (just the character I made up), the song "Love At First Sight", or Kylie Minogue. Sad day indeed, but I move on with my life. ~_~
"Thought that I was going crazy,
Just having one those days, yeah!
Didn't know what to do,
Then there was you...

And everything went from wrong to right,
And the stars came out to fill up the sky,
The music you were playing really blew my mind,
It was love at first sight!

Cuz baby when I heard you,
For the first time I knew,
We were meant to be as one...

Was tired of running out of luck,
Thinking 'bout giving up, yeah!
Didn't know what to do,
Then there was you...

And everything went from wrong to right,
And the stars came out to fill up the sky,
The music you were playing really blew my mind,
It was love at first sight!

Cuz baby when I heard you
For the first time I knew
we were meant to be as one...
(to be as one)

Baby when I heard you
For the first time I knew
we were meant to be as one...

Everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out and filled all the sky
The music you were playing really blew my mind
It was love at first sight!


"Umm...you wanna run that by me again?" you asked with an eyebrow raised as you leaned forward and propped your elbows up on your boss's desk.

"Look, I know it will be different--"

"Different?!" you cut him off. "It's JAPAN! That's a little more than different!"

"But it's where most of your fans are!" he countered before he sighed. "Hey, don't ask me why you have more fans over there than here." You rolled your eyes. "But if that's where the money and fame is, why not? It might be expensive to fly you over there, but you'll make it back in a day I'm sure!"

You sighed as you sat back in your chair, defeated. There was absolutely no arguing with your manager; he knew best after all, despite what you thought most times. "Fine," you said as you sighed again. "How long will I be over there for?"

He looked through some papers on his desk. "Ummm...aboutayear, but that time will--"

"A YEAR?!" you exclaimed as you sat up again. "I can't be on tour in Japan for a year! Are you crazy?! NO band does that!"

"Well it won't be straight of course! You'll be on and off, but we figured we may as well keep you over there so we don't kill you with jetlag!"

You sighed and rolled your eyes again. "Gee, how thoughtful of you." You sat back while the news began to sink in a bit. "But...what about my brother?"

"What about him? You have parents don't you?"

"Well yeah! But he can't do anything without me!"

He stood and began tapping papers on his desk together to align them. "Well he's going to have to learn, he can't go with you if that's what you're asking." He turned around and began filing the papers.

"No, that's not what I'm asking! I'm not asking anything! I need to stay here with him!" Truth be told...he wasn't the only one you had to stay here with...

"Out of the question. You wanted into this business and doing tours is a part of it." He stood up straight before turning towards you with a questionable look. "Isn't your brother 15 or so?" You winced and nodded. "Then he can surely take care of himself." He turned around to continue filing. "Now what excuse do you have?"

Ummm...good question. There had to be SOME way out of this! I know!, you thought with a smirk before looking at him with dreadful worry. "But...but what about SCHOOL?!" When in doubt, bring up studies. "It's my senior year, I can't miss it!"

"We already applied you to a high school out there. You'll be attending that school while you're touring."

Dammit, this stupid guy has thought of everything. You sighed in defeat as you sulked. "Fineee...when am I leaving?"

"Next week," he said as he finished his filing and turned back around to you. "I'll give you the details tomorrow, but I suggest you start packing." He smirked at you. "You're going to need a lot."


"Damn...a tour in Japan? How could it ever come to this? I've NEVER done a tour outside New York or Colorado! Couldn't he have at least started me here in AMERICA?!" You complained to yourself as you sulked home. You straightened up as you tried to look on the bright side...whatever that was. "Well...it IS Japan. J-Pop's always cool...and anime. And videogames!" You smiled as you started to brighten up. "Oooh, and hott guys. Can't forget the hott guys." You looked down and blushed as you thought of your pop-star crush. "And...maybe I'll see HIM!" You looked up as the blushed disappeared from your face and you scoffed. "Tch. Doubtful!"

You shook your head to yourself as you opened up the door to your summer home. "Hey! I'm home!"

"Kyla!" you heard your brother call from the next room. You smiled as you stood by the doorway and removed your shoes, knowing he'd be around the corner eventually. And soon enough he was, a smile on his face as he walked closer. "You're home! How was it?"

You laughed weakly as you gave a weak smile. "Um...good and bad?"

He sighed and closed his eyes ~_~ "All right... what's the bad news?" he asked, knowing when you said 'good and bad', nothing was usually ever 'good' and it was always 'bad'.

You sweat-dropped and smiled. "Alright, well y'know how I'm a singer and all?" He nodded and rolled his eyes. "And...you know how singers usually go on tour?" He started to catch your drift as his eyes went wide and he nodded. "Well...I sorta got suckered into going to Japan...for a tour..."

He smiled. "Kyla, that's great! That will be fun for you!"

"...for a year," you continued as you winced to see his reaction.

"A year?!" he yelled, his smile long gone. "You can't be gone for a year! What are we gonna do? What are they gonna do?"

You shrugged, really not knowing yourself. "I know...I told him I had to watch out for you, but he didn't buy it." He sighed and looked down. "Look...you'll be able to take care of them good enough, right?"

"Not all three of them! You saw me when I was younger, I was a total mess!"

"But you're older now! You'll be able to do it!" He looked down, truly disheartened at this new turn of events; you sighed. "Well, I guess I could bring her with me. But you're stuck with your two. I'm not taking responsibility for them cuz they aren't mine, got it?"

He looked up at you worriedly. "But it's easier when you're around!"

You shook your head. "I know...but there's nothing we can do. They're yours and you'll just have to do it." You smiled at your younger brother. "And besides! They're older too, I'm sure they won't be much problem!"

He sighed. "I guess so..."

You stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Willis. Everything will be fine."


You hummed softly to yourself as you folded a shirt and placed it in your suitcase on your bed. You weren't exactly sure what you were supposed to pack. If you were going to stay there for a year there'd be no way in hell you could pack everything in a single suitcase. Hopefully your stupid little manager had thought about THAT.

"Lord knows he thought about everything else," you muttered to yourself as you rolled your eyes and threw in some socks.

"Whatcha doin'?" your small friend asked as she hopped up onto your bed and into your suitcase. You smiled as she looked at your pile of clothes curiously and gave them a small sniff.

"Packing," you answered simply before folding some pants to toss in as well.

"Why are you packing clothes? Don't you live here?" she asked in confusion as she picked up a pair of socks, looking at them oddly as though she's never seen them before.

"Sure do...but I have to go to Japan. Mr. Rachet got me a gig over there and I have to stay there for a year..."

"A year?!" she exclaimed as she looked up at you with her wide-eyes. "That's...that's longer than a month!"

You giggled softly as you tossed a shirt at her, causing her to fall over as she was covered. "Sure is. I think it's gonna suck to be honest."

"But what about Willis?" she asked as she squirmed beneath the shirt. "And me? And --"

"Well they have to stay here. I tried to talk him out of making me go but he wouldn't listen. So...I'm stuck going..."

"You're leaving me here?" she asked sadly as she finally found her way out from under the shirt, staring up at you like she was about to cry.

You laughed as you walked over and took the shirt off her, folding it nicely before placing it in the suitcase besides her. "Of course not. I said they were staying, you can still come with. In fact...you don't really have a choice. I can't really leave you here. Willis would probably kill me."

"Yay! I get to pack socks too!" she said as she threw the pair of socks up happily before they rained down on her.

You laughed again as you rubbed her stomach. "If you had socks. You're lucky because you don't have anything to pack!" She laughed as she squirmed around under your touch. "Now go play or something, I have to finish packing."

"Awww, okay. I'll go say good-bye to my brothers!" she said as she happily hopped off the bed and out of the room.

"They aren't your brothers!" you called after her, only to see she was long gone. You sighed and shook your head as you put another shirt in. "You don't even look like them..." you added with a mutter.


You sighed to yourself once you got off the escalator and looked at all of the different signs. You hated airports; they were always so confusing, not to mention a pain in the ass. Where do I goooo? you cried mentally as you cursed your manager in your head. He couldn't have at least started you touring in America, could he? Noooo, he wanted to send you on the other side of the freakin' world! You sighed as you continued walking, hoping you'd find a sign of some sort. You had to hand it to him though: he at least thought about your packing situation. He told you to pack for a week with the things you'd bring on the plane, then the rest of your stuff would come in boxes your family would send later once you settled into your apartment. At least one thing made sense.

Finally a sign caught your attention. "Security! Hallelujah!" you said happily to yourself as you ambled over and got in line. Luckily you were traveling early in the morning so the airport wasn't incredibly busy, but you couldn't just breeze through line either. You were up next as you set your bags down, starting to feel a bit nervous once you set down your carry-on bag and realized they had to scan the contents. Oh shit, I didn't think about this...what am I gonna say??? you thought worriedly as you placed your other metal items on a tray before nervously walking through the scanner. Luckily it didn't beep so you let out a soft sigh of relief. Well, that's one thing out of the way. You stood at the end to gather your bags when one of the security guards walked up to you. Oh no... Oh no oh no... you thought as you casually strapped on your bags, attempting to look like you had nothing to hide.

"Excuse me, Miss," the man said, causing you to turn around. "I have a question about your bag."

"Um, yes? Was there something wrong?"

"Are you carrying a pet with you? You need special storage for animals."

You giggled nervously. "Oh that! That's not a pet, it's a stuff animal! It's a strange new toy they just came out with. They place a strange material in it so it looks and feels like a real animal! Technology these day, huh?" you said as you laughed nervously again.

"So it's not a real animal?"

"Nope! Just looks that way!"

"Very well then, carry on."

"Thank you!" you said as you hurried on your way. Once you were around the corner you let out a huge sigh of relief. "Man, that was close." You glared down at the bag strapped around your neck. "You're more trouble than you're worth, I think. I should've just sent you along with my other stuff in the boxes!" You zipped it open slightly and saw a little nose poke out from the hole once you did.

"But then I would suffocate!" your friend replied as she took a breath of air. You rolled your eyes as you continued to walk on, looking down at your ticket to find the right gate. Once you did you sat down at the nearby chairs and set your bags down, placing your carry-on bag on the seat next to you. At least you got the hard part done. Now you just had to get on the plane then you'll be at Japan! As horrible as you made it sound, perhaps going there wouldn't actually be as bad as you thought. Or...so you were hoping at least. "What if I get hungry?" you heard your bag ask.

"Then I'll feed you through the hole," you muttered back, trying not to move your lips so people wouldn't think you're crazy.

"But how will you know?"

"I'll feed you when I get food, will you be able to handle that?"

"Yep!" she exclaimed before squirming around, causing the bag to move. You slammed your hand down on it and pretended like it was about to slide off before pushing it further onto the seat. "My head was almost crushed!"

"Try not to move so much! For an 'inanimate object' you aren't acting very inanimate!"

"I'm feeling stiff! What am I supposed to do?"

You sighed, knowing it probably wasn't very easy for her. "Once we get on the plane you can move around more. The bag'll be under my seat so you shouldn't have to worry." She sighed softly before squirming slightly, probably to get comfortable until you got on the plane.

Luckily she didn't have long to wait, as about 10 minutes later the plane began boarding. You finally got on the plane and to your seat, carefully placing your carry-on under your feet and blocking it so she could move around without anyone noticing. Soon after everyone got seated, the plane took off.

And finally, after many hours, 3 connecting flights, 10 bathroom breaks, 7 friend-feedings, and 2 speed naps...you finally arrived at Tokyo, Japan!


After an agonizingly long taxi ride from the airport to Odaiba, you finally reached your apartment complex. "Do you need help with your bags, Miss?" the driver asked.

"Nah, I think I'll be alright. Thank you!" you smiled as you paid him and got out of the car. You gathered your belongings and once you were done, the man drove away. You sighed as you looked up at the tall buildings, wondering what it would be like to live in an apartment. Well, guess I'll have a year to figure it out, you thought to yourself as you sighed.

"Are we there YET?"

"Almost, just hang on!" You heard your friend sigh dramatically before you gathered yourself up and started heading for the stairs. You were happy you weren't on the bottom floor, but at the moment you would've been plenty happy with it. You sighed exasperatingly as you climbed the 4 flights and finally reached your front door. You set down your other bags, keeping your carry-on strapped around your neck as you dug around for the key. You smiled once you located it and stuck it in the door, giving it a turn as you unlocked it and opened it up into the empty room. You quickly located the doorstop and propped it open as you came in, leaving your other bags outside as you decided to look around first.

The first thing you noticed was how empty everything was. You had typical kitchen appliances like a fridge and microwave...but you were gypped on the tables and couches. "I better at least have a bed!" you said aloud as you rand down a hallway and opened the first door you came to.

A closet. Another empty black-hole. You closed the door and tried the next one, seeing a bathroom that was also sparsely equipped. I don't even get a shower curtain?! you thought as you tried the next door, finally finding what was presumably the bedroom.

"Oh thank, God!" you said as you walked in. "I have a bed!" You jumped and turned, flopping down on your back as you landed on the bed. You heard a muffle coming from the bag still around your neck; you quickly sat up and took it off. "I'm sorry! We're here!" you said as you opened up the bag with a smile. Your friend rolled out onto her back before she looked up at you curiously.

"You mean it? I'm free?" You giggled and nodded. "I'm FREE!" she said as she jumped, promptly falling off the bed with an 'oof'. You stared at her and were about to ask if she was okay, but she quickly hopped up and began sniffing around the room.

"Well you keep exploring and don't get into trouble. I'm gonna bring in the rest of my stuff." She responded with a nonchalant 'kay!' before you rolled your eyes and headed back out. You walked down the hallway and turned towards the entryway, seeing the door open and your stuff still sitting there, much to your relief. At least they don't have crooks here! you thought with a smile as you walked out the door, only to jump once you saw someone standing there.

You must've let out an 'eep' noise, because once you jumped the figure turned to you. "Oh! I'm sorry, is this your stuff?" he asked as he pointed down.

You looked at the boy for awhile, noticing he was probably a few years younger than you. You eventually turned down to where he pointed, despite already knowing what he was pointing at. "Yeah, it's mine. Sorry for leaving it out here," you said as you looked back up at him with a smile. "I'm new and I just got here. I wanted to check out my apartment before I brought it in. Sorry if it's in the way!"

The boy held up his hands and shook them nervously. "No, they aren't in the way at all! No one lives here so I was just confused is all. What'd you say your name was?"

"Oh!" You smiled again. "I didn't introduce myself. I'm Kyla Montague," you said as you extended your hand, wondering if the mention of your name would spur something from the boy. Was he one of your fans? Could this be the start of something great?!

...it was not. He smiled as he took your hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Kyla! I'm Davis Motamiya, I just live two doors down from you. I didn't know we were getting new neighbors!" he said with a wide smile.

You laughed softly. "Well it's just for a year. I'm--" you began to tell him you were a singer, but you figured there was no need for him to get all starry-eyed at someone popular. You decided to leave it out. "--studying abroad actually. I'm from America and I was transferred here for my Senior year of high school." You mentally hit yourself. Do they even do that? If you were in college it'd be believable! Not high school!

"Cool! You'll probably be going to my school then if you live here! Oh," he said as his smile faded and rolled his eyes. "And my sister too."

"You have a sister?" you asked as you tilted your head to the side.

He nodded before looking towards you again. "Yeah, but she's not worth meeting, so don't worry about it." You laughed at the boy, figuring he didn't care for his sister much. "Anyway, I gotta get going, I'm already late for meeting a friend. You can stop by my place if you need anything!" he offered, earning a smile and nod from you. He pointed two doors away as he continued. "That's my place over there, so just knock and ask for me. I'll probably be able to help."

"Thanks a lot, Davis! I'm sure I'll take you up on that."

He nodded and smiled. "Well I need to get going. Nice meeting ya, Kyla!" he said as he waved and walked passed your door and towards the nearby steps.

"Nice meeting you too, Davis! Thanks again!" you said as you bent down to pick up your remaining bags. Once you got them in your door, you kicked the doorstop out of the way to allow the door to shut. You sighed as you set your bags down, exhausted from all the traveling and not wanting to unpack.

"It's so bright!" you heard your friend comment from around the corner. "It feels like we've been traveling forever, why is it still light?"

You laughed as you picked up one of your bags and walked through the entryway and down the hall to your room, where she was sitting on the ground looking at you in confusion. "That's because it's morning here, silly!"

"But we woke up in the morning!"

You nodded as you unzipped the bag and looked inside. "Sure did. Japan's on the other side of the world from America. So when it's night here, it's day over there! We left in the morning and traveled till night-time. But since we're over here, it's during the day!"

Her eyes became spirals. "I'm so confused. How can it still be morning?"

You picked up a random thing from your suitcase and looked around before placing it on a nearby nightstand. "We lost a day because Japan's 15 hours ahead of us. It'd be night-time back home, but since we aren't home...it's day!"

"But how can we pick up a day if we've lost it?"

"Well you can't get the day we lost back, but when we head back home we pick up a day! It's almost like going back in time!" You regretted saying that because you knew it would only confuse her more...and it did.

She gave a whine before she fell over. "I don't get itttt!"

You laughed as you finished unpacking your suitcase. "I don't really get it myself. Just smile and nod and move on with your life!"

You smiled to her as she still looked confused before you headed back out into the entryway to get the rest of your bags. It took a few hours to get everything unpacked, but you decided to do it all in one go. You didn't have much since you packed 'for a week' so it didn't take you as long as it probably should have. You sighed as you finished and headed into the kitchen, opening up the fridge before promptly remembering that you didn't have any food. "Not that it would've done any good...I don't have any utensils to eat it with," you said to yourself as you sighed again. You had asked Mr. Ratchet about it and his simple solution?

"Eat out!"

"Everyday? I'll get fat!" you had responded.

"You need some meat on those bones anyway. And besides, you'll earn enough money once you start performing it won't matter!" He finished the conversation with a hearty laugh.

"I really dislike him sometimes," you said as you dead-panned. "Well, guess I'm going out for dinner," you said, rubbing the back of your head. "Or...breakfast I guess." You looked at the clock you had set up above the living room and saw it read 11:45. "Early lunch perhaps?"

"You're leaving me?" your friend asked with a yawn as she emerged from your room.

"I have to," you said as you turned to her. "I haven't eaten in forever and there's no food around here. Don't worry, I'll bring you back something!" You headed back towards the entryway and grabbed your purse you had set by the door.

"Hey! Don't forget your Digivice!"

"Oh that's right!" You ran back to your room and grabbed it from your bed. "Thanks, Dorumon! I'll be back within an hour!"


By the time you had gotten back, Dorumon was already sound asleep. You rolled your eyes and as your stomach growled you immediately regretted the decision of waiting to eat until you got home. You ambled over to the living room and plopped on the floor as you broke out your meal. Despite it being carry-out it was still rather amazing. You watched the clock as you ate, seeing it was still the afternoon. You were exhausted from being up for so long and wanted nothing more than to go to bed. But you knew if you went to bed now you'd only wake up in the middle of the night and your internal clock would be all sorts of messed up. So you decided you'd go to bed a bit later, but not your usual bed-time. That way you can still get some sleep.

After you had finished your food, you sat looking around in a daze. Unfortunately you hadn't packed anything to pass the time except your laptop. But you knew if you were to get on that you would probably fall asleep anyway. So thus...you were stuck with nothing to do. You were interrupted from your empty thoughts by someone knocking on your door. You stared at it for awhile until it registered that someone was on the other side, causing you to jump up and run over to it. You opened the door as soon as you got there and saw Davis. He jumped once you threw the door open and stared at you for awhile. "Uh...wow Kyla, you look pretty tired..."

You shook your head and realized you were slouching so you stood up straight and rubbed your eyes. "Just a little bit," you answered. "I think I'm suffering from jet-lag and don't know what to do."

He laughed. "Oh yeah, forgot about that. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and see if you needed anything!"

"Really?" you asked as you blinked blankly at the boy. He nodded and smiled widely, not seeming surprised at your confusion. "Wow, that's really nice of you, Davis. But no, I'm fine, thank you very much."

"Not a problem! Remember, don't wait if you need something." You nodded at him and smiled. "Okay then, I gotta get home. Talk to you later, Kyla!"

"Thanks again, Davis! Goodnight!" you called. He turned and gave you a weird look before smiling and heading into his house. You mentally slapped yourself as you slunk back into your place and shut the door. "Goodnight," you said as you laughed at yourself. "Yeah, goodnight Japan Boy! I know it's only 3 in the afternoon, but that's bed-time for us Americans! Hyuck!" You rolled your eyes at yourself; you could be a real idiot sometimes.

"I'm still tiredddd," you heard Dorumon whine from your room. You yawned as you stretched and made your way down the hallway and into your room.

"I know, I am too. I think I might go to bed and just say screw jet-lag. We have a whole year to fix our sleep schedules so why start now?"

She smiled widely. "Yay! I get to go to bed!" You laughed as you changed into your only pair of pajamas you had packed before sliding into bed. Dorumon snuggled up besides you as she yawned. "Goodnight, Kyla!"

You smiled before answering your friend. "Goodnight, Dorumon..."


After 8 days had gone by, your sleeping schedule was surprisingly in sync with the Japanese time zone, much to your joy. Besides going out for your meals you hardly left your apartment since you weren't sure what you would do. You weren't about to go out into the big city by yourself and you sure weren't going to ask Davis to show you around. Hey, you may be a popular pop-singer, but you had your shy moments! So needless to say, fixing your sleep schedule was about all you could do.

The next day you had a knock on your door and it was the postman! He said he had some boxes for you and asked if you would like to help him. You had stared at him awhile and wondered why he couldn't do it himself, but figuring the exercise up and down the stairs would do you good, you decided to help. You have four 3'x 3'x 3' boxes so it took you and the nice postman two trips. Once you and he finally made the last trip up, you were exhausted. "Thanks for the help," he had said. "Now just sign here please." You did as you were told. "Have a nice day!" he smiled before he had gone on his merry way, not appearing as tired as you were.

"Yeah, konnichiwa," you had muttered as you threw your hand at him as a 'good riddance' gesture. Only after you had closed your door did you remember that that word was a greeting, not a farewell. You rolled your eyes before sliding the boxes into your apartment.

Unpacking them all was quite the feat. Dorumon helped when she could, but since most of the stuff was heavy she couldn't do much. Thus it took you almost two days to finish unpacking it all. The thing you were most excited about were your dishes and dishware. No more eating out again! "I never thought I'd be so happy to see utensils," you muttered to yourself as you placed the last spoon into the silverware drawer. You breathed a sigh of accomplishment once all was said and done. "Phew! All done! Now I can," you started as you opened your fridge, seeing it empty. "I can...I can..." You frowned and sulked. "I can go out for dinner again..."

"Yay! Bring home some sushi!" Dorumon exclaimed happily as she bounced up and down.

"We've had that 5 times in the past 7 days! Aren't you sick of it?!" She shook her head with a smile, causing you to groan and let out a frustrated puff of air. "Well fine, I'll get that for you but I'm getting something else for myself." You walked over to your purse and pulled out your wallet, seeing as the cash had begun to run low. "Good thing I'm performing in a week," you told your friend behind you. "Otherwise we'd probably starve!"

"Your singing will bring us food!" she said as she rolled around on the floor in the still empty living room...save for the 4 empty boxes. "Sushi will rain from the sky!"

You shuddered at the thought of raw fish landing on your head before you quickly turned towards the door. "I think not. Now stay out of trouble!"

You had walked aimlessly around town until you found something you felt you could actually eat before going and getting Dorumon her valued sushi and heading home. Guess I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow, you thought to yourself. But where am I supposed to go? I haven't found anything even close to a grocery store!...Well I guess I'll just have to wander around...

And wander you did. The next day you had slung your purse over your neck, placed a hat on your head, and grabbed a mini notepad and pencil before heading out on your adventure. You always kept your notepad with you, mostly because when you were alone you'd like to think of new lyrics for songs. You thought maybe you could write something about Odaiba...or at least write something to get your creativity flowing. The songs you sung were mostly about romance, but who said you couldn't write silly little poems about cities?

You looked up at all of the tall buildings around you, jotting down a few descriptive words as you walked along. Once a line came in your head, you flipped the page over and wrote it down before replacing the sheet with your descriptive words. 'Tall buildings' is a bit bland, you thought to yourself as you tapped the pencil against your chin and turned a corner, continuing to walk straight and miraculously miss the passing people. You honestly were surprised you didn't bump into people more often; when you were working on lyrics and walking, there was just no getting through to you. You would focus intently on the task at hand rather than the trivialities of walking. Hm, I'll have to look up words later, I can't think of anything. Ooh! How about--

"Watch out!" You were thrown from your thoughts as someone yelled at you and you were suddenly jerked away from the street you were just about to cross into. And right as you were pulled back, a bus went zooming by your field of vision.

"Oh my God," you said aloud, your eyes wide at what just happened. "That was close! Thank you so much, you saved--" you turned around to thank whoever pulled you away, only to stare at your savior. "...me," you finished, unable to look away. Oh my God... Oh my God, oh my God! Is this really him?!

"Are you alright?" he asked, sounding truly concerned.

"Y-yeah! I mean, I am now!" you stuttered, mentally hitting yourself at how stupid you must've sounded. "You saved me, I can't even thank you enough!"

He smiled brightly, causing your heart to involuntarily flutter. "Don't worry about it. Can't have you be getting hit by buses now, can I?" You laughed weakly, mostly due to your nervousness. "Oh! I didn't introduce myself. My names's--"

"Matt Ishida," you both chorused, leaving him to look at you in surprise. "Heh heh, sorry. I'm a huge fan of yours!...as...stalkerish as that sounds," you added quietly as you looked down. How could you blurt his name out like that? He's gonna think you're a freak!

"Oh don't worry about it. I...didn't think I was that popular!" he said modestly as he rubbed the back of his head.

You laughed weakly again before gasping in shock. "Oh! I didn't introduce myself either. I'm--"

"Kyla Montague," you said in unison again, this time leaving you to stare at him in confusion. He laughed as he smiled. "I'm a bit of a fan too...'as stalkerish as that sounds'," he repeated, though you knew he didn't mean it to mock you.

You stared at him in shock. "You...you mean you've actually heard of me?"

He nodded, his handsome smile never leaving his face. "Of course! You're popular over here in Japan! I'd be surprised if there was anyone who hadn't heard of you!"

"Wow..." you said before you laughed weakly. "That's so peculiar; I didn't have many fans over in America, I don't really know what it's like to be famous!" You rubbed the back of your head shyly. "I guess that's why the store keepers keep looking at me oddly."

He nodded and smiled again. "Yeah, it's a bit tough to get used to, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it." His smile faded as he looked at you curiously. "But how did you hear about me? I didn't think I was that popular in other countries..."

You felt bad and almost didn't want to tell him he wasn't popular in America. At least not in the same aspect you obviously were here in Japan. "Well, honestly I'm not sure if you are. I've just always been a big fan of J-Pop so I did some digging and I came across some of your work. And, well, guess I just kinda fell in love with it!" You failed to mention that you had only looked into his work after realizing how hott he was. Putting in a search before you looked at the music was something you've always done; it did you good that time!

He laughed weakly. "Oh, well I suppose that's good. I didn't want to be too popular," he said as you both shared a laugh. "So what were you doing? Do you always rush blindly into traffic?"

You blushed and shook your head. "No," you answered as you held up your notepad a bit shyly, "I was actually working on some stuff. I like to thing about lyrics when I walk around and I write down whatever comes to mind." You smiled and rubbed the back of your head in embarrassment. "I can be a bit of a klutz though, I don't usually pay attention to my surroundings when I'm doing it."

"Clearly!" he said with a laugh, causing you to laugh lightly as well. "So where were you off to? Any place in particular?"

"Um, well actually I was gonna go grocery shopping," you answered honestly. "I just moved in about a week ago and don't have any food. Oh! Speaking of which, could you point me to a good place? I haven't found anywhere so I was probably just going to wander..."

"And wander into traffic and probably get yourself lost," he continued with a smile, causing you to laugh. "I'll show you a good place. I was just heading home from meeting a friend so I don't have anything to do. Mind if I walk with you?"

You couldn't do anything to hide the blush that had formed on your cheeks. "N-no, not at all! That would be wonderful!...ummm..."

He smiled. "You can call me Matt," he answered as he saw your hesitation. "We're both singers so we're both friends right? I don't see a reason you can't call me by my name," he said with a wink, causing you to blush deeper.

"Um, r-right! Exactly! And you can call me Kyla!"

"I was already planning on it!" he said with another laugh. You almost wished he would stop; the more he laughed, the more you began to like him. Damn was his laugh sexy. "C'mon, Kyla. Let's go get you some food!" With that, he gently placed a hand on your back as he turned you around and guided you forward, removing his hand once you had began walking.

You slowly reached up and grabbed the rim of your hat and lowered it a bit, hoping it would be enough to hide the increasing intensity of the blush on your face...


"Is it far?" you asked once you had walked a block or so. "I don't want to have to go terribly far for my groceries..."

He laughed and shook his head. "No, not at all. I live in the general area and it's not very far for me so I'm sure it's probably the same for you." He turned to you with furrowed eyebrows. "Where do you live, by the way?" His look formed into a smile. "Unless that's too stalkerish..."

You laughed softly and shook your head as well. "Not at all. I'd tell you if I remembered, but I'm not used to the Japanese names yet."

He smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Do you at least remember the name of this town?"

You smiled guiltily. "Um...it...has an 'o'!"

He rolled his eyes, the smile never leaving his handsome face. "Odaiba. Though I suppose I can't blame you for not knowing the names; it would be a bit difficult I'd guess."

"Thanks for understanding," you said as you rolled your eyes too.

"Do you at least know how to get back to your apartment?"

"Of course I do! I'm not a total idiot!"

He smirked. "Just a partial one that walks into streets."

You glared at him. "You are never going to let me live that down, are you?" He smiled a close-eyed smile and shook his head, causing you to sigh. "You just met me and you're already a jerk. Man, popular guys are all the same."

"Heyyy, I'm not a jerk! I saved your life and am showing you where to find sustenance! Doesn't that count for something?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that whole life-saving thing. Thanks for that," you said nonchalantly.

"A hero's noble deed goes unnoticed by the damsel in distress once again," he said and sighed jokingly. "Life for a rockstar is so rough..."

You rolled your eyes. "Right. Well I'm sure there're plenty other damsels in distress that pay attention to your deeds."

"I wouldn't exactly call them damsels," he muttered, causing you to laugh at his seriousness towards his implied fangirls. He looked up to you with a smile. "Y'know, I just met you but it feels like we're friends already. I can joke with you and you won't think I'm strange!"

You laughed and nodded. "That's probably because I'm weird too at times." You turned and winked at him. "So if you'll be tolerant of me, I'll be tolerant of you!"

He turned towards you and smiled. "It's a deal!" Just then he stopped and looked up at a sign. "Well here we are!"

"Wow, already?" you asked as you turned around, facing the front of the store. However, it wasn't the name of the store or anything about it that caught your eye. "Oh my gosh! What's that?!" you asked aloud as you ran towards the glass window, seeing a flyer taped up. And there on the flyer were words written in Japanese with a darling little picture of you singing on a stage. Your name in English was displayed in fancy coloring across the top. "I-it's me!"

Matt walked up to you, not as surprised as you were. "Sure is! Are you excited about your show this weekend?"

"I'm...I'm on a poster! I'm on a poster at a grocery store! How cool is that?!" you asked as you turned to him with a wide smile.

He sweat-dropped as he smiled ^_^; "You've never seen yourself on a poster?" You shook your head as you turned to admire it again. "Well you better get used to it! You're popular in this city; a lot of people look up to you as their pop-idol!" You turned to him as he smiled and winked. "Namely me of course."

You blushed lightly as you turned back to the poster. "Pop...idol." Did Matt really think of you as an idol? Was your fan actually a huge fan of yours as well? Wow... I'm the Pop-Star idol of my Pop-Star idol! I had no idea I was so popular! You smiled to yourself as you admired the poster some more. Maybe spending a year in Japan won't be so bad after all...
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