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Summary: You're a teen pop-singer that isn't exactly popular in the States. You pretty much want to kill your manager when he sends you to Japan for a year, forcing you away from your younger brother and..."friends". But despite all this hassle...could it really be a blessing in disguise? You x Matt
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Published: 11/02/13 Updated: 11/03/13
Story Notes:
This takes place after the "end" of 02...like after the Digidestined beat Oikawa. But everyone didn't get a Digimon like at the end of the series (WTF was up with that anyway? X_X). So there's still the select few of Digidestined. Basically: it's 2 years after 02, Oikawa is gone, not everyone has a Digimon like in the show. Get it? Got it. Good.

Now onto you. You are 18 years old (same age as the first Digidestined, imagine that XD) with long (down to your waist) blonde hair and green eyes. You can wear your hair however you see fit (You: Well gee, thanks!).

[For an example of how you look, you can go here:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/Sacred_Tear/1.jpg ]

You have a good body type too; not fat or whatever. Yay for that. You're a fairly popular pop singer and that has basically been your career since you were younger. You love to sing and absolutely adore your fans, whoever they may be. You love to sing randomly and out of the blue because it makes you happy. Even if you are sad and you sing, you usually cheer yourself up through your songs.

...Okay, how cheesy did that sound? (You: Very cheesy.) Okay I thought so. My bad. X_X

Well whatever. You'll find out more as the story goes on because I know how much you LOVE that XD So that's about it. And without further ado, my first chapter of my new Matt series:


I do not own Digimon, Matt, you as the reader (just the character I made up), the song "Love At First Sight", or Kylie Minogue. Sad day indeed, but I move on with my life. ~_~

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Thank you deepsubmerge22 for reviewing! I'm moving this story over from Luna so I probably won't have further updates for this for awhile :( BUT I WILL FINISH! I just want to focus on other stories that I have planned endings for so they can go ahead and get done. This one...I have some stuff planned but not enough to blitz. But don't worry! My Matt love shall never fade so I will continue...sooner or later :3 Have no fear!

Thank you and hope you all enjoy!