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Summary: Every year you asked him the same question and every year he gave you the same answer.

Reader x Nico di Angelo

Prompt: But baby I'll have a blue Christmas without you.
For: Mylex

[Written For the Luna Holiday Fic Trade 2012]
Rated: T
Categories: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Characters: Nico di Angelo
Genres: Angst, Romance
Story Type: One-Shot, Reader-Insert
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Published: 11/02/13 Updated: 11/02/13
Story Notes:
Finally getting around to reposting my stories. Hopefully new chapters soon (if anyone still keeps up with me).

1. A Constant Reminder by lazykitsunechan [Reviews - 4] (1329 words)
This was written for mylex for the luna winter fic trade! I hope you enjoyed it!

Special thanks to DragonSilk for beta-ing this!