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Disclaimer: I don’t own Shingeki no Kyojin.

Title: Guardian Angel
Rating: PG
Pairings: Mostly Jean/Armin
Spoilers: eh?
Warnings: None.

Another one of those things I thought of while trying to sleep last night...


"Hey…" His voice is low as he pulls an over sized button down shirt closer to his body. He stares at the piece of bone on the bedside table, uncertain why he is speaking to it. He fidgets, he knows it’s something Jean does from time to time.

He lets out a small sigh, running a hand through his bedridden hair.

"I know you’re still looking out for him…" his gaze falls to his lap. His hands are playing with the hem of the shirt he is wearing.

"I’m not trying to replace you." He feels utterly ridiculous but he can’t seem to stop the words from coming. "I’m going to protect him too." He lets out a small laugh despite himself, "We both know he’s a huge dork who needs it."

He swallows the lump in his throat. “I know one day, hopefully not soon, you’ll be with each other again….” He chews on his bottom lip thoughtfully, trying to find the correct words. “I hope you’ll share him with me then as well…”

"Oi, Armin." An arm shoots up from under the covers and wraps securely around his waist. "Come back to bed."

Armin stiffens but lets Jean pull him back against his body. A flush spreads across his cheeks, he knows he was caught.

"He wouldn’t mind," Jean whispers, his voice still heavy with sleep. "He wouldn’t mind since it’s you." He grabs a hold of Armin’s hand, lacing their fingers. "Go back to sleep," he mutters. "I’m still tired."

Armin allows himself to relax in Jean’s arms. “Right.” He closes his eyes, letting Jean’s warmth lull him to sleep.


I really love these two together,.
~Yami Sango
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