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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ahh! I am so into Criminal Minds, it's not even funny. I'm in love with Spencer Reid! Well, I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is dedicated to KarenaWilliams, happy early birthday! You guys should read her stories, The Belief in Happy Endings and/or Shimmer! They're both great reads that I guarantee are addictive.

Disclaimer: I do not own Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds, or you. If I did, there'd be much more hot doctor monkey sex.

“Pew, pew, pew!”

Spencer’s hand flew around in circles, clutching a spoon. “Okay, sweetheart, this is an American bomber plane,” Spencer said, gesturing at the spoon in his hand.

“And this, Daisy,” he lifted one hand to lightly poke the mouth of young infant sitting in front of him, “is the city of Nagasaki.” Daisy only looked at him with eyes identical to his and giggled. Taking that as a sign of understanding Spencer continued, “Okay, so when the bad Japanese planes bombed the American naval base, Pearl Harbor, the Americans retaliated by bombing the Japanese cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.”

Spencer demonstrated by rotating the spoon in a circle around Daisy’s face before putting the spoon in her mouth with a loud ‘boom’. Daisy chewed her cereal as her father scooped up more cereal with his spoon. “And then another plan-”


Spencer whipped around to see you struggling to keep a straight face. It almost looked real. Almost. You burst into a fit of laughter as you walked towards him. “Oh, my poor, poor daughter,” you said, patting her (color) hair. Daisy giggled again, glancing back and forth between her mother and father.

“Are you trying to make my daughter a nerd?” you asked, wrapping your arms around Spencer. Spencer licked his lips, looking a bit sheepish. He probably wasn’t anticipating your early return from the grocery store. You laughed and leaned in, kissing him on the lips.

“But you know how much I love nerds.”

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