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Summary: Spencer never lost a moment to teach his daughter something new.

Reader x Spencer Reid

Dedicated to KarenaWilliams.
Rated: K+
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Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Published: 11/02/13 Updated: 11/02/13

1. Airplanes by lazykitsunechan [Reviews - 1] (251 words)
Ahh! I am so into Criminal Minds, it's not even funny. I'm in love with Spencer Reid! Well, I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is dedicated to KarenaWilliams, happy early birthday! You guys should read her stories, The Belief in Happy Endings and/or Shimmer! They're both great reads that I guarantee are addictive.

Disclaimer: I do not own Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds, or you. If I did, there'd be much more hot doctor monkey sex.