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Story Notes:
I do not own you or any of these anime, but I do own my original characters and story! :)
Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm having a bit of a writer's block so hopefully this will remedy that. Enjoy~
Daddy ~ TYL! Sawada Tsunayoshi

You were pacing back and forth through the small bathroom of the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, threading your fingers through hair.

How could this happen? The two of you had made sure to take careful measures to make sure this wouldn't have taken place, and yet here you were staring down at the two pink lines that indicated you were pregnant. It wasn't like you didn't want the child, oh you did, but due to your boyfriend's line of work and the two of you weren't married, it you decided that it would be safer to avoid that situation entirely.

Sitting down on the toilet seat, you had hoped by the third test you took it would be a different, but to your dismay it was the same. You wondered if your boyfriend of ten years would even want the baby. You shook those thoughts from your head, feeling guilty for even thinking that. Of course he would, he had told you a long time ago that if it ever happened he would welcome it.

From the other side of the apartment you heard your front door open, effectively pulling you from your thoughts.

"[Name], I'm home," called the twenty-four-year-old Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"I'm in the bedroom," you called back. Getting up with the test still in your hand, you went to greet him at the door. He smiled instantly upon seeing you, which you had returned with just as much fervor.

"Gokudera told me you left early," he said, pulling you into a hug once you were close enough to him, "how are you feeling?"

"Pregnant," you said bluntly and you watched in amusement as the normally calm and collected Mafia boss eyes widen drastically.

"What?! H-how did that h-happen?" He stuttered, turning paler than a ghost. Wrong answer.

"Why don't you tell me Daddy," was your angered reply.

Cue Tsuna fainting.
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