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Summary: To everyone you weren't important, but to him you were the world.

[Reader x Various]
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Published: 11/04/13 Updated: 03/16/16
Story Notes:
I do not own you or any of these anime, but I do own my original characters and story! :)

1. Daddy ~ TYL! Sawada Tsunayoshi by Aerolife [Reviews - 4] Liked (320 words)
I'm having a bit of a writer's block so hopefully this will remedy that. Enjoy~

2. Luck ~ 3YL! Yamamoto Takeshi by Aerolife [Reviews - 3] (174 words)
Unf. Yamamoto is sexy~

3. "Call me Tatsu.." ~ Uzumaki Tatsuya by Aerolife [Reviews - 3] Liked (174 words)
This is Uzumaki Tatsuno from my other story Save The World. So enjoy~

4. I Should've Told You ~ Hyuuga Neji by Aerolife [Reviews - 2] (180 words)
I know his aren't blue, but the song fits. I don't own this song, all rights to Colbie Caillat ~

Warning: Angst

5. Gentle ~ Gokudera Hayato by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (195 words)

6. Endless ~ Kuran Kaname, Kiriyuu Zero by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (261 words)
Not my best, but enjoy anyways~ If you like it, leave a review~

7. Leave ~ Uchiha Sasuke by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (147 words)
Sorry for not posting for a while. Hope you enjoy~

8. Perfect ~ TYL! Sawada Tsunayoshi by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (439 words)
This is the sequel to Daddy.

9. Jealous ~ Hibari Kyouya by Aerolife [Reviews - 2] (252 words)
Sorry for not posting :)

10. Sleeping ~ Xanxus by Aerolife [Reviews - 2] (106 words)
Sorry for not posting anything, I've been moving so enjoy :)

11. Acting ~ Superbi Squalo by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (85 words)
Haha two in one day~

12. Mistletoe ~ Lavi by Aerolife [Reviews - 1] (286 words)
A early Christmas present for you dear readers. Why so early? I'm in the top ten! :) So enjoy your shameless Lavi fluff.

Dedicated to Stormy and Melanie for being faithful reviewers. Thanks loves~

13. Drawing ~ TYL! Sawada Tsunayoshi by Aerolife [Reviews - 0] (215 words)
Hey! I decided I'm going to continue According To You because I no longer have a writer's block (the reason why I had set as complete), yay!

So this the third installment of Tsuna, but he doesn't make appearance because I wanted to focus on your kids Hideyoshi and Hinabi and how they've grown up to be. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do~

14. Time~ Kuran Kaname by Aerolife [Reviews - 2] Liked (234 words)
This is the sequel to the other Vampire Knight drabble in this booklet. You also get to meet Yukimi and Ren. I didn't really describe how they looked. It's up to you! Can you guess who Ren's father is? First person gets a one-shot of their favorite character!