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Summary: [Dib Membrane] x [Reader]

You, [First Name] [Last Name], were something special, and Dib? Well, he was just a creep...with an abnormally large head.
Rated: K
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Published: 11/04/13 Updated: 11/05/13
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Disclaimer: I do not own Invader Zim and its characters. Everything but this specific fan fiction plot bunny is under the ownership of Jhonen Vazquez; dig it!

1. "Uptight" by Breezy [Reviews - 1] (1068 words)
The motivation behind this is the notion that pretty much any Radiohead song can be applied to Dib's life and fit perfectly with it. ;)

I hope that you have seen IZ before and that's why you're reading this. If not, that's perfectly okay...but please don't give me any "dislike" business over "Skool" as that's how the word "school" is stylized in the series.

2. "Wallpaper Life" by Breezy [Reviews - 0] (1116 words)