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Author's Chapter Notes:
Here I am with another Akatsuki-torture drabble. >:) They're just too easy to pick on. Don't be afraid to leave me a review and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Naruto Masashi Kishimoto
Presents for Itachi

Now, Itachi carried himself very well. He was never caught off guard – except for a few times in battle – and had a solution to every problem that he could encounter in life, but when he walked into his room after a rather rough mission and saw a pair of sunglasses, a cane that was commonly used by sight-impaired people, and a seeing-eye dog sitting on his bed, he was utterly confused and alarmed. If he weren’t so stoic, he would have ripped a new ass hole into the next person that walked past his door, but he merely stood there as he heard footsteps approach from down the hallway.

“Kisame…” Itachi said as his partner passed by his bedroom door with a sandwich in his mouth and a mug of tea in one hand. “Is this your doing?”

“Is what my doing?” Kisame asked after taking the sandwich out of his mouth.

“The glasses, the stick, and the dog that is currently defecating on my carpet,” replied Itachi.

“Uh… I honestly didn’t know a Chihuahua could be a seeing-eye dog.”

“Do not change the subject, Kisame. Is this your doing or not?”


Just as Itachi whipped out a kunai from inside of his cloak and was about to turn the poor Chihuahua into mincemeat, you bound into the room, grinning ear to ear. Itachi’s arm immediately fell to his side as he stared at you, his face completely void of any emotion whatsoever.

“Itachi! Did you like my presents? Tobi helped me pick them out for you!” you chirped, still smiling.

“… (First Name).

“Yes, Itachi?”

“Get out of my room before I kill you.”

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