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Story Notes:
So there's a radio station by me already playing Christmas music...and like the dork I am, I was listening to it :P And Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" came on, and I remembered I had written this and posted it over on FOS. So here I am posting it here.

I got this idea from Mariah's song. So...yeah. That's where it came from.


I do not own Bleach, Ichigo, or Mariah's song!
"So what do you want for Christmas?"

You giggled before snuggling your head further into the chest of your boyfriend that you were currently lying on. "I don't know!" you cutely replied. "I never know what to ask for..."

He held you tighter, unable to hide his smile from you simply being near. "If you could have anything in the world for Christmas, anything at all...what would it be?"

"Well..." you started, fidgeting slightly before leaning up to look into his deep brown eyes. "I... Well I've always wanted to be kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas time."

His smile widened, his eyes almost glowing along with the rest of his handsome face. "Of all the things to ask for, you just want a kiss?"

You blushed slightly in embarrassment, looking down to avoid his teasing look. "Well I think it's just really cute and romantic...and I've never been kissed under a mistletoe so..."

You felt his hand on your chin as he tilted your head so you'd face him. "If that's what you want...I'd be happy to oblige once the time comes." He closed his eyes before leaning in and giving you a soft, gentle kiss. You pulled away, the shy blush still across your nose as you smiled cutely.

"Thank you, Ichigo..."


It seemed this was going to be your lucky year, the year that you would finally be able to fulfill your life-long wish of being kissed under the mistletoe.

That is, until you had gotten news that there was a problem in the Soul Society. Ichigo, being a Substitute Soul Reaper, had to be summoned there in order to help with the trouble. According to Rukia, he would probably be there for awhile; unfortunately it would probably last past Christmas.

If not past Christmas, it was at least enough past the Christmas party you were currently attending. And despite the fact that any chance of Ichigo coming was slim to none, you remained steadfast in your spot. Sure he probably wouldn't come...but there was still a slight chance, right?

"____!" You didn't start from the voice calling you; instead you slowly turned your head to the smiling reddish-orange haired girl making her way towards you along with her dark haired friend. "Why don't you come and enjoy the party?"

"Yeah, Orihime's right," Tatsuki continued. "It's depressing seeing you stand there all night." In unison, you all looked up to the small green sprig of mistletoe hung above the doorway.

"I know," you started slowly, looking back down to your two friends before you. "But...I can hope." You looked to the side, afraid to see their condescending looks.

"____..." Tatsuki began, looking at you sympathetically. "Ichigo's not coming home anytime soon..."

"I know that, but..." You sighed and closed your eyes. "I want to keep waiting. There's always that chance."

The two girls looked at each other before turning back to you. "We won't stop you then. But let us know if we can do anything."

You turned and smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Tatsuki. You too, Orihime." They both smiled in return before reluctantly leaving your side, you sighing once they left your company.

You knew the trouble in the Soul Society had been serious, but unfortunately Orihime and the others weren't able to go and help like they had before. That only meant that the trouble would take even longer to eradicate since there was less help. Regardless of the odds, you insisted on waiting underneath the mistletoe. Ichigo would do his best...right?

Time slowly ticked by, minutes seemed like hours and soon enough guests had begun slowly filing out. Soon it was easily under 15 left...then under 10...until only 5 remained. You had begun to get tired, standing there with hardly moving at all for easily 4 hours.

"____, I think you should go home," Uryuu told you, approaching you slowly. "You look exhausted."

"He's coming," you insisted. "I know he is...!"

You felt a hand on your shoulder, causing you to turn and look up at the gentle giant that slowly shook his head. "There's no telling when he'll be home," Chad calmly told you. "It wouldn't be wise to stay here waiting."

"But...Ichigo..." You turned forward again, looking down sadly at the floor. "He...He's been gone so long. How can all of you pretend he's still okay?" Tears welled up in your eyes as you began to think bad thoughts.

"Ichigo's tough," Tatsuki reassured you. "I may have been able to beat his ass when we were younger, but he's definitely gotten stronger. Wherever he is, I know he's okay."

"Yeah! Besides!" Orihime continued with a bright smile. "He loves you! He wouldn't die because he knows you'd be sad!"

You looked up to her as a tear trickled down your cheek. "Orihime..." She smiled wider and nodded, deeming it so. A small smile came to your face before you nodded in return. "Thank you, all of you," you continued, looking around at your wonderful friends. "Even so...I'd like to stay here a little longer..."

The four exchanged sad smiles before reluctantly nodding. "If that's what you want..." Tatsuki replied. With that, the four slowly left your company, leaving you once again by your lonesome under the mistletoe.

Another hour had passed and even you had begun to lose hope. Sure, you figured Ichigo wouldn't be home anytime soon...but you had been so sure your wish would've been fulfilled this year. Oh well, there's always next year... As long as Ichigo is safe, that's all that matters. You sighed in defeat and took a step forward, stopping as soon as your foot had hit the ground.

You slowly looked up, your eyes staring at the entryway that stood feet from your location. The door had been busted open, and you stared in shock at the orange-haired teen that stood panting in the doorway.

You suddenly felt like time had stopped completely, and had it not been for Ichigo slowly getting his breath back you probably would've been convinced it had stopped. You continued staring in surprise as he got his composure back, his eyes staring deeply into yours across the hallway. As if time resumed again, he marched deftly forward, not stopping until his eyes slid closed and his lips crashed against yours.

You instantly melted into him, your arms wrapping around his neck as his found their way around your waist. The kiss seemed to breathe new life into you, fireworks shooting behind your field of vision as you returned the passionate display of affection. You were so into your passion that you hadn't noticed when your friends gathered around, all with wide smiles adorned on their faces. None of them had the faith you did, but regardless they were happy to see that you were right.

Ichigo reluctantly pulled away, his brown eyes gazing steadily into your own. "____...Merry Christm--"

"I was so worried about you, Ichigo," you cried, hugging him tightly as you thrust your head into his chest. Ichigo blinked before wrapping his arms tighter around you. "You were gone for so long...I started getting worried!"

He chuckled lightly and kissed your head. "It'll take more than a couple bad guys to take me down. Besides..." he started, a smile clear in his voice. "You never asked me what I wanted for Christmas."

You pulled away and looked up at him curiously. "What...do you want for Christmas?"

"All I've ever wanted," he responded with a smile.

He leaned down, pressing his lips against your ear before he continued.

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