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Story Notes:
So once upon a time Suiren told me when her birthday was...and I was an idiot and forgot DX But I'm pretty sure she said it was sometime in March, so thus I decided to throw this out now and hope I'm ...at least a little close.

Needless to say I'll feel REALLY bad if it's not even in March DX *dies*


Anyway, I'm making this for her because she's still super awesome...and I KNOW that I annoy her all the time cuz I ask for advice and stuff X_X So this is to hopefully make up for the annoyance I've been lately. I dunno how good this story actually is, but I TRIED *sobs again*

But this is still for everyone else too. So I hope you all enjoy and again, Happy Birthday to Clara!!! *heart*

So...usually I make up names for these things, but I decided not to...SINCE I MADE IT FOR SUIREN! XD That being said, ________ is your name, ____ is your nickname, and....I guess that's all you need to know. I just never know how to do nicknames if I don't give the character a name, so...thus the explanation XD Off we go~

I do not own Bleach, Kaien, you, or Clara XD JUST THE PLOT THAT LEAVES SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED ;-;
You rolled onto your other side as a soft sigh escaped your lips. You moaned gently, snuggling your head deeper into your pillow. Your eyes slowly fluttered open as you fell back into consciousness, the gears in your mind starting to whir back into working order.

A smile came to your face as you suddenly remembered what day it was: your birthday!

You grinned wider as you sat up and stretched, turning to look on the other side of the bed but became slightly disappointed when you saw your boyfriend no longer there. 'Oh well...' you thought to yourself with a small frown. It soon disappeared as you looked slyly to the side. 'Unless...maybe he's preparing a surprise for me!' You giggled to yourself as you hopped out of bed and grabbed your things before you headed to the shower. After cleaning yourself up and sliding on your shihakusho, you pranced downstairs to greet the day...and your wonderful boyfriend.

Your smile faded as you entered the kitchen, seeing Kaien running around wildly while sipping coffee haphazardly. "K...Kaien?" you asked.

He whipped around, a bit of coffee sloshing over the edge of his mug as he stared at you wide-eyed. "Oh! _______! Morning, Sweetie!" He grinned widely as he crossed over to you and kissed your cheek, leaving you to furrow your eyebrows slightly as he dashed to the other side of the kitchen once more.

"Kaien? What's--"

"Sorry, Honey. I got word that Jushirou was sick again today so I have to go in earlier to pick up his slack. Sorry if I woke you up!" He turned for a moment and flashed you a grin.

You still stared at him in a bit of a confused daze. "Oh...No, it's okay. I...slept fine."

"Good!" He closed his eyes in a smile as he turned back around and chugged his drink before placing the cup in the sink. "Alright, well I have to get going. I left some coffee for you if you want it." He made his way over to you again and gave you a sweet kiss; you could still taste some of the coffee on his lips before he pulled away and grinned once more. "Alright, have a good day, Babe! I'll see you later!" With that, he flashed another smile before he dashed out of the house.

You blinked after him before another frown came to your face. "He...didn't... Did he forget?" You felt your stomach drop considerably as you stared at the floor.

Of all the things he constantly forgot...how could he forget that one?


You sighed heavily as you rested your face in the palm of your hand, staring at nothing particular in the dark of the night.

"____-chan? What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go home!" your Captain kindly told you. "It's your birthday, after all. You shouldn't be spending it sitting and looking all depressed on the steps of the Division!"

You smiled weakly as he swung his kimono around slightly before sitting next to you. "Thanks, Captain--" You cut yourself off as he sent a mild glare at you; you giggled softly before you corrected yourself. "Thanks, Shunsui. But I just... I dunno. I need time to think."

"Well why don't you tell old Papa all about it?" he soothed as he slid a comforting arm around you.

You laughed softly before scooting closer, enjoying the comfort your fatherly-figure brought. "Well...There's just...something about Kaien that upsets me."

"Really?" he asked with knitted brows. "You always go on about how perfect he is."

"Oh well he is," you responded. "But...He just...has a bad memory. I think he forgets about a lot of things."

"And I'm betting your birthday is one of them?" You nodded solemnly as you turned to the side sadly. "Well he is a busy Lieutenant, y'know. Especially since Jushirou was sick today, I'm sure he had a lot on his mind."

"Yeah... I know. But at the same time... The other Captains and Lieutenants came by to wish me Happy Birthday. People I didn't even know came to see me! How could they know but not Kaien?"

"Well...I can't make any excuses for him. But don't dwell on it too much, huh?"

"I...guess so." You closed your eyes and sighed once more.

You felt as he rubbed your shoulder before he stood up, causing you to open your eyes as you looked up at him. "Regardless, get off my porch. You need to go home...Unless you want to come drinking with me?" he added with a grin.

You giggled before taking his out-stretched hand and standing up with his assistance. "I'll take a pass this time, Cap-- Err, Shunsui," you ended with a wink. "Thanks for the talk."

"Anytime, ____-chan. Now go enjoy the rest of your birthday."

"I'll try... Thank you," you responded with a nod. You both exchanged smiles before you reluctantly headed off his porch, slowing your pace once you were out of his sight. You heaved a heavy sigh once more as you crossed your arms, your mind once again going back to your heartbreak of a morning. "How could...Kaien forget? I mean, I know he has a bad memory but...my birthday!"

You groaned as you reached up to rub your temples. Right now you really didn't want to go home. Sure you wanted to see Kaien; you always did when you got home from work. But this time you knew you would only get more and more heartbroken when you realized he had forgotten your birthday. You wouldn't be able to look him in the eyes, have him smile at you...and pretend that nothing was wrong. It would tear you up inside...

But then again...where else could you go?

Swallowing your pride and your grief, you made your way back to your house. You walked slowly, hoping to prolong the inevitable. You were looking forward to this day for so long, but so far it's been nothing but one disappointment after another. Well...mostly just one disappointment that kept bothering you. You didn't want the day to end, but at the same time, you couldn't wait for it to be over so the sorrow and guilt could finally go away.

You finally made it to your porch, to your dismay you found. You noticed that it was dark inside; that meant either Kaien wasn't home or he went to bed. It was late, after all, so both options seemed likely. You weren't sure which you hoped was the case, but you realized it didn't matter much either way.

You heaved a heavy sigh as you walked up the stairs to your door, reluctantly opening it before stepping inside. You furrowed your brows slightly, realizing it seemed darker than usual. You reached over to the light switch and flicked it on before turning back forward, jumping noticeably in surprise at what you saw. "K-Kaien?"

Your boyfriend smiled widely with closed eyes. "Happy Birthday, ________!"

You stared at him in disbelief, your gaze lowering slightly to see a wonderful spread of food spread out on the table before him. "What...what is all this?" you asked as you slowly stepped forward.

He laughed his heavenly laugh as he stepped around the apparent feast to cross over to you. "Well what does it look like? It's a birthday surprise!" He then wrapped his arms around your form before leaning down and placing a lustful kiss on your lips.

Due to your confusion, you didn't return it; he pulled away anyway with a smile. "But...who told you?" you questioned, tearing your eyes away from the food to look into his green eyes.

"Told me?" he repeated with a raised eyebrow before laughing heartily. "No one told me! You told me, I guess!" He was smiling knowingly for some reason.

You continued to look around with a perplexed expression, vaguely registering that the soft tune of your favorite song was playing in the background. "No but... You forgot. I know you did!"

"What, just because I didn't say anything this morning?" he suggested, his knowing grin still plastered on his face. He then laughed again before removing a hand from your hips to do a victory fist pump. "Ha ha, yes! My plan worked!"

You blinked and turned to him once more. "Plan...?"

"Yep!" He closed his eyes in another grin. "I knew you'd be all depressed if you thought I forgot your birthday, so I decided to plan something super special when you came home as a surprise!"

"Well it's...certainly a surprise..."

"You haven't even seen it all! Come here!" He excitedly pulled away and took your hand, dragging you over to the table like a child leading his mother through the candy store. "I spent all afternoon making your favorite food! I made you favorite appetizer, even though I know you don't like to eat that much before dinner...but I figured since it was a special occasion, it wouldn't matter much. Then your favorite entree cooked especially to your favorite specifications... And your three favorite side dishes! I know they don't really...go together, but I know they're your favorite." He turned to you as he explained. "I know none of this really goes together, but I was going for your favorites rather than uniformity. But anyway, I also made dessert, which is chilling over there... Oh! And I know how much you love a clean house, so I cleaned the entire kitchen and did the dishes and washed the bedsheets and your dirty clothes and--"

"Kaien, Kaien," you stopped him with a headshake. He turned to you with a blink, wondering why you still had a confused expression on your face. "If you were busy with Captain Ukitake...how could you have had the time to do all this?"

He blinked again before he busted out in laughter once more. "Oh I'm so glad you fell for that too! That was also part of my plan! If you thought I'd be busy with Ukitake then you'd be even more depressed that I couldn't do anything for your birthday! Jushirou was fine today."

"Fine? But...Shunsui told me himself that Jushirou was sick!"

He chuckled as he continued grinning. "You think I'd go through all this and not get your Captain to be in on it too?"

"He was...in on it? So you weren't busy helping your Captain?"

"Nope. I worked until noon then came home to do all of this for you!"

Your confused expression finally melted to a sympathetic one. "You...did so much for me?"

"Of course, Babe," he replied softly, crossing over to you and wrapping his arms gently around your waist as he pulled you close. "You're my everything. You mean the world to me and I love protecting you and giving all I have... I just wish I could do more..."

"No, no no!" You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace. "This is too much! You didn't have to do anything! With how sad I was today, I would've been happy with just a 'Happy Birthday'!"

He chuckled softly, his warm breath giving you chills as it reached your ears. "Well then...looks like you'll be ecstatic for what I have planned later..."

Your eyes widened as a dark blush presented itself on your cheeks. "Kaien..."

He laughed once more as his hands traveled your body in a seductive matter. "That being said... Happy Birthday, _______."

His hands ghosted over a particular sensitive spot on your body -- one that you admit you thought he forgot -- causing you to moan softly.

It was then that you thought to yourself...Maybe Kaien's memory wasn't that bad.
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