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Summary: Kaien was perfect, it was as simple as that. You loved him dearly and he loved you equally as much...if not more. However...the only thing that ever bothered you was his bad memory. He always seemed to forget important things.

...But THIS? Surely he couldn't have forgotten something as important as your birthday, right?

You x Kaien

Birthday fic for Suiren!
Rated: K+
Categories: Bleach Characters: Kaien Shiba
Genres: Angst, Reader-insert, Romance, WAFF
Story Type: One-Shot, Reader-Insert
Warnings: Anime, Name Blanks, TV-Show
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Published: 11/09/13 Updated: 11/09/13
Story Notes:
So once upon a time Suiren told me when her birthday was...and I was an idiot and forgot DX But I'm pretty sure she said it was sometime in March, so thus I decided to throw this out now and hope I'm ...at least a little close.

Needless to say I'll feel REALLY bad if it's not even in March DX *dies*


Anyway, I'm making this for her because she's still super awesome...and I KNOW that I annoy her all the time cuz I ask for advice and stuff X_X So this is to hopefully make up for the annoyance I've been lately. I dunno how good this story actually is, but I TRIED *sobs again*

But this is still for everyone else too. So I hope you all enjoy and again, Happy Birthday to Clara!!! *heart*

So...usually I make up names for these things, but I decided not to...SINCE I MADE IT FOR SUIREN! XD That being said, ________ is your name, ____ is your nickname, and....I guess that's all you need to know. I just never know how to do nicknames if I don't give the character a name, so...thus the explanation XD Off we go~

I do not own Bleach, Kaien, you, or Clara XD JUST THE PLOT THAT LEAVES SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED ;-;

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