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Summary: The death of your brother has since brought several unwanted things to your doorstep: national attention and the paranormal entities he was so obsessed with. The former may be easy to escape, as for the latter.... You'll be requiring some serious assistance. [no official pairing; take what you will.]
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Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho Characters: Hiei, Kazuma Kuwabara, Koenma, Kurama, Youko Kurama, Yusuke Urameshi
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Published: 11/12/13 Updated: 11/24/13

1. 00: Prologue by miwoe [Reviews - 17] Liked (636 words)
A repost from Lunaescence of a fanfiction I started writing in 2010 and never finished...but I will, I promise! I just have to let go of this obsession with pretty Korean men that suddenly blossomed go and then... Well. *huffs*

Started in 2010 after I told my dear kitten (who is now my best friend ever, Artemis) that if she wanted the cookie I was eating, she would have to go through my stomach for it. Inspiration struck, and I sat up to begin furiously typing.

This is also a fic that takes place several years after the end of the anime, but however many that is I'll leave up to you. Just know I think it's a decent enough amount to force me to tack on an alternate universe warning.

This fic is also dark/angsty, so if that is not your cup of tea (or any beverage of choice), you've been warned.

The title is Japanese and means “Black Cat.” It is romanized as kuroi neko if you're curious.~ (^_^)

I hope you enjoy, and please tell me your thoughts in a review! o(^-^)o

2. 01: Evanescence by miwoe [Reviews - 0] (1596 words)
I have no idea why the first kanji won't come out on this website. I've tried alt codes, HTML codes (hex and decimal) but it's just just working. But if you're curious about it, here is a link to a nice image and the translation of the kanji. Also, while on that note, if you ever need something translated to Japanese, that website is extremely helpful! (^_^)

Thank you to dragonfly for her lovely review, and of course I cannot forget the amazing Nyx for all of her love and support. ♥

3. 02: Intention by miwoe [Reviews - 0] (1664 words)

4. 03: RE: Sanity by miwoe [Reviews - 0] (1879 words)
This chapter is dedicated to the always lovely Nyx! ♥