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Story Notes:
I am making no money off of this and every author and website has my deepest respect. I mean no offence in any sort of way.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Not much to say here. Just expressing my thanks to all of the fanfiction authors out there.
Hello, My name is ~Spork or well MetalSporkOfDoom on this site. I would like to tell a short story about how the authors that write fan fiction and are brave enough to post and share their stories effected myself.

I first got into fan fiction I believe in middle school, I then started Rping on MySpace shortly after. I was truly inspired on how people were able to write such wonderful stories. I myself, though creative, cannot put together a story as captivating as the authors I was reading. I started on Fanfiction.net, I loved the reader-insert stories and felt that I could get into the story more, though there are some stories that had Ocs that I connected with as well. I was sad to see that they got rid of their reader-insert stories. So I set off to find another site.

Thus I found Luna! I was even more amazed by the authors and their dedication….though I did not review often as I should (Guilty Ghost Reader here) I was sad to see that some authors stopped writing because of lack of reviews. Still shy about writing a review, I mean what could I say to someone who wrote such a wonderful story? All I can think of was “Great/wonderful/fantastic job! Keep up the great/wonderful/fantastic work!” At the time I really couldn’t think of anything productive to say. I had no constructive criticism to give, I loved everything they dished out. Maybe because I myself am not a writer, I was not gifted to weave words into actual worlds and pull people in like they did.

After Luna shutdown I soon found FOSFF, I thought it was the original site I found but it seemed different, I browsed and found the wonderful reader-inserts! This was another site I could venture into! When FOSFF went under construction and Luna went down, I must admit, I was depressed for awhile, I escaped through another’s writings, those authors made me feel emotions, some stories had me crying, laughing, blushing, angry or just left me with a huge smile on my face. I then vowed while these sites were down, one sure to return while the other was to be shut down. That I would no longer be a ghost reader, and try my hardest to review on at least one story of each of my favorite authors.

I usually pick the ones that have no reviews, hoping that mine will draw people in. Enough about myself, the true purpose of this essay(?) is to thank each and every author on this site and every site. I admire you all, your work truly gets me through the tough times in my life, as I am sure others feel the same. I simply cannot find a book that captivates my interest like your fanfiction does. I may not review every story, or chapter, but I would just like everyone to know how much I appreciate your hard work and effort you put into these stories, no, readable art. I hope some of you read this, and know that even ghost readers (Or former in my case) appreciate you and your hard work.

We all know that life gets in the way, important things happen, thus putting a favorite story on hold, or stopping completely. But I now know how powerful a review can be, be it as small as “Wonderful story, can’t wait for next chapter” or a long review with some pointers. I know how it feels to put something up on a site and be scared to death if it will be liked. I hope I was able to put a smile on whoever reads this.

OH! Also thank you to the Mods and their hard work, can’t forget them can we? I hope to read as many stories, be them new, old or revamped, I believe I will be in my sixties still reading fan fiction. Hopefully by then most, if not all of you will be published by then, and I will be able to enjoy your work even more. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you all, and I felt the need to express my feelings here.

I’m too lazy to go to every author and tell them all the same thing! But writing this makes me feel that I might get the rest of the ghost readers to review, no matter how small it is. A review is a powerful thing. Thank you for reading my little rant/essay(?)

Humbly yours,

Chapter End Notes:
I do not expect any reviews, I just wanted to get my own thoughts out there. Thank you again for taking the time to read this.
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