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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Resident Evil, nor its characters! I do own my OC!
Author's Chapter Notes:
My friend ships this OC x Canon pairing so hard. XD
Snowy raised a brow as she found a box of Sweethearts sitting on the butt of her rifle. She hadn’t the faintest clue why there was a box of candy-shaped hearts on her weapon.

She liked the candies, but it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day – though she knew that you could by that candy any day of the year.

Snowy picked up the box of candy, opening it as she reached inside to fish out a candy before popping a piece into her mouth. Snowy was a fan of sweet-flavored candies.

Smirking lightly, Snowy turned to leave the room. Soon bumping into someone, she looked up a bit to see that it was Piers Nivans. Despite the odd silence, Snowy’s green eyes held their gaze with his brown ones.

“You like them?” Piers asked as he glanced at the box of candy in Snowy’s hands.

Snowy nodded softly, her eyes were still locked with his. Piers grinned a bit before rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

The woman grinned teasingly, “Lemmie’ guess; this was your idea of asking me out on a date?” she stated.

Piers nodded softly, causing Snowy’s grin to grow wider. “Alright, I’m in – but I want chocolate hearts too.” Snowy stated as she leaned in to give him a small kiss on the lips, she had to admit that Piers could be adorable at times.
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