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Author's Chapter Notes:
Key; "what the original ranter said" - normal font, "what I said" - italic font.

They're supposed to be a sour, yellow fruit. I don't mind them; hell, I even eat them when I'm hungry. But there is more than one definition to word 'lemon'.

O-Meezy: Shouldn't we all have known that by now? I mean, I've you've been a member on Quizilla, or any other site you should have stumbled upon a lemon...

A lemon can also be a sexual story, and if I'm correct, it's between either the reader and a character/multiple characters or just multiple characters. They are extremely descriptive, some of them. But I'd just like to start by saying...

O-Meezy: Oh god, here it comes..


You've passed the line as a fangirl when you go from having a crush on character to reading a sexual story that involves you and that character(s).

O-Meezy: Ah, screw you, lemons with your favorite fictional character are gold! You don't have to use yourself, you can use an OC like the rest of us!

Passed the line as a fangirl? I think not! If you can write a decent lemon for your favorite character; then you really are a true fangirl. Seriously, stop complaining, we've all did it (and in my case; would like to write one soon enough).

If I am right, most Hetalia fangirls are between the ages of 11-18 (Some older, but in general). Thus, if a little girl just happens to stumble upon something upon a lemon, click on it, read the story, and come out of it knowing adult words and things that she shouldn't know, then her life will most likely be changed forever.

O-Meezy: I'd have to consult my Hetalia-loveing friend Moegami on the matter (yes, she's nicknamed after the god of fire in Okami). I'm not a Hetalia fan, but I'm pretty damn sure it works for all fandoms.

Adult words and things? Isn't that what we ALL signed up for as soon as we used a computer? Seriously, Gio, don't act like you've never accidentally watched Cinemax at night--I mean, all the adult shows they play at midnight. >.>

I mean, we all have. uvu

And it'd be that person's fault.

I just don't get lemons; I don't fucking get them.

O-Meezy: I do, it's usually called "I will go down with this ship", or "let's do somethin' awesome with my OTP (One True Pairing)". Or we just love to explore our writing skills, I mean, you can be a virgin and be able to write smut.

Face the facts, as you get older, you're not gonna be so innocent anymore.

I get yaoi, yuri, and all of that, but for me, lemons are something that should have never been invented!

O-Meezy: Are you joking me?! There can be smut in yaoi and yuri, of course I'd like to write some smutty goodness for Alpha and Bravo (Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel). My friend wrote the smuttiest lemon between Marth and Ike (Super Smash Brothers). I was just like "DAAAYYYUUMMM".

I'm sorry, alright. But if you have to go to the point to which you have to read about having sexual intercourse with someone who isn't even real, then you may have a problem.

O-Meezy: A problem? Well, Gio, if you're telling me I have a problem with smut for my favorite characters? Then we're gonna have a problem. But seriously, do what other people do; turn a blind eye to smut, I mean a lot of people put WARNINGS in their titles!

I seriously wonder what Hidekaz would think about this if he saw what you fangirls were doing.


This wasn't even a rant, it's just my opinion. My very, very messy opinion.

- Gio.

O-Meezy: Same on me?! Well, shame on you! No soup for you!! You can't just shame something because you don't like it! Are you freakin' kidding me?!

But in an ironic plot twist; this rant got one star! Hooray for Quizilla's rating system!
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