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Hello, hello! I am Crimson Kunoichi; a gamer and anime enthusiast!

Iíve been writing fanfiction for quite a while, on and off, over the years but Iím trying to become a more active writer again. My muse is very fickleÖ

Current fandoms Iím liking/active in:
Persona 3 Portable
Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Naruto Shippuden
Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers
Final Fantasy VII
Ghost in the Shell
Final Fantasy X
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Current works of fiction:

PRANK WARS- Chapter 12 Completed

Bloodstream:Reader/Adachi, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters[Chapter 4- 15%] A series of bad choices made on a female cops part leads to her spending a lot more time with Adachi than she's used to.

Shattered:Reader/Stahl, Fire Emblem Awakening Multiple Chapters [Chapter 4- 5%] A fic about a noblewoman forced to pretend to be a man to keep her family from falling apart. She gets injured in a battle and suddenly her secret could be exposed. Oh and she's in love with her best friend. I really want to continue with this one as I'm playing a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening right now. On hard/classic mode.

Appetite: Reader/Stahl LEMON One Shot[10% completed] An off-handed inappropriate comment from Sully causes a fellow Shepherd to become consumed by fantasies of a certain Cavalier.

Rejection: Reader/Adachi One Shot [10% completed] A resident of Inaba sees past Adachi's mask and reaches out to him only to get shot down repeatedly.

Runaway: Unrequited Reader/Naruto, Reader/Shikamaru One Shot [Plot Bunny Incubating] Not wanting to spoil much of this one but it will have ALL of the feels when I get it out.

Marin Karin: Reader(F)/Akihiko, Persona 3 [Plot bunny incubating] Just wanted to to my take on the love hotel part of Persona 3. I wanted the main character to be a bit more shocked at the fact a shadow exploited this particular weakness and how she deals with it and the consequences later.

Shogi, Sake and Unexpected Results: Shikamaru/Reader, Naruto One Shot[40% completed] Just because sake + shogi + drunk Shikamaru = hilarious. I really want to finish this one soon.

Awkward: Reader/Shikamaru, Naruto Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1- 20% completed] I canít go into much more detail than the reader sustains an injury in combat and is stuck with Shikamaru nursing her to health/keeping her company. Iím not too sure if Iíll manage to get this one out as it has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time but I shall remain hopeful.

In the Dark: Reader/Shikamaru, Naruto Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1 Completed, Chapter 2- 0%] Reader gets assigned to a squad where Shikamaru is Captain and gets kidnapped and subjected to a lot of Genjutsu torture. The fic is about how Shikamaru tries to help her find herself again.

Borrowed Time: Reader/Luzzu, Final Fantasy X Multiple Chapters [Chapter 1- 80%] A crusader centric fic where an orphaned reader and her brother find their home on Besaid island and their personal battles against Sin. YEAH. A LUZZU FIC. I loved the Crusaders in FFX, Luzzu especially so I wanted to write them a fic. Itís pretty bittersweet but I figured with the HD remake out I should pick this up again.

Stolen Dreams: Reader/Cid Raines, Final Fantasy XIII Multiple Chapters [Prologue completed, Chapter 1-5%] A extremely talented yet abrasive ship pilot gets swept up by the Cavalry and tossed into chaos at the hands of one devious Brigadier General. Iím writing this because Cid is just a magnificent bastard. I donít need any more reason to write this.

(Untitled): Reader(Robin)/Stahl, Fire Emblem Awakening One Shot [10% completed] A fic where the Shepherds perform an intervention on two members whom are totally in love with each other but are oblivious to each othersí feelings. Expect lots of Vaike hilarity and Stahl cuteness.

Everybodyís Fool: Adachi/Reader, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters [Plot bunny incubating] A female cop with a tragic past has hidden away in Inaba; a quiet town and closed herself off from people entirely. What happens when someone finally manages to sneak past her barriers? ÖSo who wants to talk about MURDERS~? :D But seriously, I really want to write something for Adachi but I know that means itíll get a bit dark.

(Untitled): Narukami/Reader/Adachi, Persona 4 Multiple Chapters [Plot bunny incubating] I just wanna write something where Adachi tries to steal Yu/Soujiís girlfriend just to be mean. Donít ask me why xD

CULLEN. I need to write for Cullen. I have wanted to romance his character in Dragon Age since he ran away from my fem!mage in Origins.

So, yeahÖ keep your eyes peeled for more fics on the horizon! LATERZ!

Gender: Female
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