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Hiya! My name is Melody; most people call me Melo.
Meloxique is pronounced melo - zeek by the way. ^^;
I'm 16, living in Sydney, Australia, and I check my emails daily. Just putting it out there.
Also, if you're curious, my skin is 2go. The German is kind of distracting but the colour scheme is dazzling.


Song: "Amber Lynn" by Mayday Parade
Album: Paramore (Japan Edition) by Paramore
Anime: Bleach
Manga: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!!
K-Drama: Master's Sun
TV Show: The Walking Dead
Book: True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey


It'll be a long time before I get to write any of these but here's what you can look forward to in the future:

Supernatural--in which the reader cleans up supernatural crime scenes for a living.
Star Trek (2009)--about the three years at Starfleet Academy that the movie skipped.
Marvel/DC crossover--high school WWYFF.
The Walking Dead--an au where the group seeks refuge in the suburbs.
The Hunger Games--Finnick x reader
Naruto--you and Sasuke somehow get connected by the red string of fate. Literally.

(If any of these ideas get stolen, I will crazy-murder you. xoxo Gossip Girl.)

  update cycle

To be quite frank, updates will not be very regular.
This is because it is my final year of high school and I need to put in a lot more effort if I want to get into the uni course I want to do.
Please remember that I am always thinking of my stories and even planning new ones (when I probably shouldn't be).
My holidays are from mid-December to early February, early to mid-April, late June to early July and mid- to late September.
These are the weeks when I will be updating like crazy.
In between these breaks, updates will be slow, steady and sparse.
But, with summer vacation a few days away, expect Goodbye Summer to see bright days!


【 OPEN! 】

Please check my anime/manga list to see what I'm familiar with. (There isn't much there, haha, sorry!) Then fill out the form below and email it to me via the contact author button.

Genre: angst, fluff, you don't care, etc.
Specifications (if any): maybe you want something specific to happen or you want the character and reader to be in a specific type of relationship/place/time/whatever.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these adorable gifs. I found them on Tumblr and they therefore belong to the amazingly talented people who made them.

Gender: Female
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