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I like romance stories. I usually fall for the anti-hero. My ideal male love interest is a guy who is in denial about his growing feelings but still acts a tiny bit jealous and nervous around the female lead.

I generally write reader-inserts. I like the challenge of writing in a way that can be interpreted by each reader. Obviously, I have to make some decisions for you (I like to include a backstory to keep the "reader" character from being too flat), but otherwise, my descriptions are scant to non-existent to leave room for ~imagination. However, sometimes I sketch things out for myself. If you're curious about my own perspective as I write, go ahead and check my DeviantArt page.

I've just gotten into the groove on a new story, and I have a lot of ideas building up. I hope I can keep going and actually complete it! It's Yu Yu Hakusho which seems like a dead fandom, but I hope there are still some readers to enjoy it. I actually have the seeds of a different YYH story, but that might never turn out.

There's still a chance I may get some more In Keeping With Kaiba done. Occasionally it still floats around in my brain a little.

I cross-post as SilverMalkin and Nyx-moon on and, respectively. No need to report that I'm plagiarizing myself.

World Conference is probably finished. I no longer have a concept of characterization for the different countries so unless I find myself rewatching it...
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